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Battle of Corcivaetas - January 4th - 17th, 347 AC Assassin's Creed Rebellion is a fictional game in the AC series. It is here that Avleston gave his speech; a short, brusque speech that initially talked about how little of the Revolution was known in Doras Edrossi, but eventually delved into the effects that feudalism and war had done to the Freehold in its burgeoning state. After the letter and it's containing message was distributed within the village of Farrowhalt, a known hub for those speaking out against the king, plans were made to carry them out. The front was clearly defined at this point, and the Thyllanorians stationed in the region had to be careful for any disruptions that the Dragomrys could possibly throw their way; be it sending dead cattle over to cause plague in the enemy front lines, or a spontaneous bombardment from trebuchet and catapult fire, with many of these so-called 'disruptions' coming over the course of the next few months. Now, the only boast he will have is that he died a king. The Northern Front, while not particularly guarded or attacked, was formidable for hosting general Yulian Genorde, a Gardorian who fought for the rebels in the war. The ensuing Battle of Parrem happened the same day and lasted two weeks, until the Deserters were forced to give in when all of their flanks collapsed and two out of the three generals with their army perished.

Arming themselves with weapons, particularly crossbows and ranged weapons, they positioned themselves in the trees surrounding the meeting point and waited. He was rushed away by royal guards, and ordered Faercrest to be torched; an order that was quietly ignored in the heat of the moment. The largest battle of the war, the Battle of Letysha on the border near Thyllanor and the Wetlands, took place on May 27th, 329 AC. Through a system of lies and ambushes by the peasantry, the first war of the people against Aeganar IV Dragomárus officially began on January 19, 326 AC. Living with the horrors was, and still is today among veterans, likely one of the most traumatic moments of the war for any soldier, regardless of rank or social standing where they came from. What had began as a small conflict was slowly growing out of hand, and thus, the five year war began.

Battle of Stebal - July 6th - July 11th, 348 AC Assassin's Creed Rebellion is an original combination of RPG and strategy game, with fantastic graphics, tons of missions, and loads of characters. House Stenwulf/Lord Paramouncy of Frostfall They crossed the Thyllanorian border before the new year, and reached the city of Farrowhalt by March of 330 AC. On the Southern Front, Thyllanor was beginning to expand and establish front line posts and fortifications well before the war began, but a fatal error in the design meant that several spies were able to infiltrate the side and a Dragomárus army stormed through what was called the Lost Lion Pass, referring to a gap in the defenses about 300 yards wide that could not be completed in time before the army infiltrated the front. Assassin's Creed Rebellion is a fictional game in the AC series. Nevertheless, Major-General Jarris Ferelo ordered his platoon and two others stationed on the Front to storm the other side, on April 2nd, 327 AC. Despite being allies, Thyllanor and the Freehold had very different outlooks for the war; Thyllanor expected the Dragomárus to hit hard and fast and rushed to build defenses. There was an unspoken expectation of Dalan I that the land would return under Thyllanorian control if the war was won, though they seemed intent on staking their democratic republic nonetheless. The forces of Thyllanor and the Freehold, however, only matched approximately 65% of all standing forces for the Kingdom, and as such it was slowly becoming a victory for the Dragomárus and the Kingdom. It also set to make different factions within the continent itself, and to this day, the loyalist paramouncies still have tensions with those who won the war and dissolved the kingdom. They were called elsewhere by Aeganar IV Dragomárus: to the city of Farrowhalt where this had all began. With the dead body of the Lord Karthmere being brought before the survivors of the siege, the war was all but over except in mind.

The Tentative Years, named such because of its period of inactivity, was Aeganar's attempt at centralizing the Kingdom and placing all power in him. Taxes increased to abhorrent highs, tariffs almost assured that no nations wanted to trade with Andoras, and the tyranny of Aeganar remained and may have even blossomed under the post-war years. No amount of Karthmere gold can pay for, or Stenwulf hides cover the crimes you've committed. Once former allies, conflicting claims and a long-standing blood feud between House Karthmere and House Grimolt led to war over the land that was once directly held by the Dragomári themselves -- and before them, the Daytons. Oh, quit your godsdamned buffooning. Aeganar gave many public audiences and interviews during this time, and had a penchant for discussing the war at large with diplomats and emissaries from Doras Edrossi, who were unaffected by his tyranny and still enjoyed his company. From the start of the war, it was beginning to look, miraculously enough, that the rebels were winning. It is then widely reported that the Freeholders simply walked out, content to leave on a high note and unneeded to continue any further discussion. The year of 328 AC was relatively quiet for the war, with both armies opting to occupy land, or at least try; at the Northwestern Front, the Crown was held at bay for some time, but the first real loss of the war for the Deserters took place beyond it -- the Battle of Garanide, in the Wetlands. Featuring an Andoras at its peak, the rebel side, primarily led by the realms of Thyllanor, Thunder's Shore, and the Moonlyt Peaks with some end-war assistance from Gardoria, went to war against the loyalists, or the Crown, which included the Kingdom of Andoras itself, followed by its vassals the realms of The Wetlands, Edrane, and Frostfall. I have come to terms with this, and perhaps you all should realize why I have not done what they, the nobility who mock me and envy my power, claim I have done. - Aegor IV Dragomyr, Dragonspire City, 325 AC. The Northwestern Front was collapsing with each passing second, but it was never truly stormed until as late as 329 AC, when Aeganar returned to the Front and led the march into western Thyllanor. Unbeknownst to them, spies and double agents tracked their every move, and when the force of 20,000 set out on their campaign, a larger force of about 27,000 marched to besiege Parrem. Extinction Rebellion (abbreviated as XR) is a global environmental movement with the stated aim of using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.. He disregarded these as little but nuisances, occasionally sending out a troop of guards to deal with particularly large crowds. The tyranny of this single action was enough for the Farrowhalt Freehold to declare its independence, led by Markwell, Avleston, and several days later, Lord Karthmere. At this point, Aeganar had gone off to fight other battles, but mostly he had returned to Dragonspire City, thinking that his presence was needed at home. To that end, Aeganar traveled with a heavily-guarded carriage caravan and several royal guardsmen at all times, to avoid any conflict if they could by intimidation and, if necessary, fend off any foes, who would be mostly peasantry; untrained and often armed with little more than their farming tools.
The general public thought of this as propaganda at first, unable to comprehend that King Aeramor, who had been known for his generally nice demeanor, would go to such lengths to abhorrently steal from another nation.
Join Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and many different Assassin's Creed characters simultaneously for the first time ever in this Medieval Adventure RPG game!

With Parrem fallen and the main Southern Front force beaten and integrated into the Crown's armies, most of the Deserter influence beyond the Thyllanorian border waned. The Freehold primarily focused on the Southern Front, being the most important and vital front of the war. Both sides were depleted on special forces and espionage, and instead relied on sheer manpower. Aeganar also brought his dragon, Vhalax, to torch the city of Faercrest which concluded the siege quite abruptly, killing most of the peasantry, who lived in wooden structures and either suffocated or burnt to death. For the first time, peasants could seek out leisure and entertainment; they weren't very accepted, but opportunities were present for them. They claimed that a man's prowess in battle does not determine if he is worthy to be a knight; rather that he be the best kind of man to represent the kingdom internally and through outside affairs. Faercrest, particularly the poor district, was in shambles, and the Karthmeres had to dedicate most of their funds to rebuilding the city. Aeganar did not fare well in this battle. Experience memories from the past and play with different Assassins simultaneously. Battle of the Pantau Bay - May 9th, 346 AC I hope to see you where I'm going very soon.. - Last words of Michael Avleston before being beheaded, to Aeganar IV.

House Dermond/Lord Paramouncy of Gardoria, House Dragomyr/Kingdom of Andoras Forge your Brotherhood, Spark the Rebellion. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is a brilliant mobile strategy-RPG from Ubisoft Entertainment, creators of popular games, such as Hungry Shark World, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and the latest – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.The game lets you collect heroes from the AC universe and build your own team of assassin’s to fight the Templars.

The rebellion's philosophical beginnings were born from the ideas of Veddel Markwell and Michael Avleston (and Victor Damius before them regarding con-crownism), who despised Aeganar IV and seeked to see him (and all other monarchs, if possible) deposed. After the rebellion was crushed at the Six-Day-Siege, Markwell and Avleston were finally executed and the war drew to a brief, if not incredibly violent, close. It was not originally called this, of course; projections of both sides indicated the siege would be long, tiring, and bloody.

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