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So delicious! Great flavours, so quick and just incredible that the pot did the work. Which ones are your favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes? But a couple of things to be aware of. I’ve tried sooo many recipes and nothing would come out right. “I made your chili recipe tonight. One glorious day, I purchased my precious Instant Pot. You’ll get just one email a week with my latest recipes. Thanks for another winner!” – Caitlin C. “Not only did hubby eat two bowls, he made sure he licked it clean! I’ve EVER HAD!! ✉️ Or you can join my free email list! I just made a roast and veggies for supper using their recipe booklet that was included.. Here’s a recipe for a cake Loaded Instant Pot Mac and Cheese Ok! Seriously not a soup kinda gal but this was amazing, but then again so is all of their foods :)” – Amanda S. “This is my favorite soup! What does that translate to with stovetop? The new electric pressure cookers are very quiet. “Looking for a way to sneak in a few more veggies in your kiddos…this was a serious hit and no one knew there was cauliflower in it! I’m with the lady who got a 2 qt pressure cooker. After 2 months of collecting & reading our dear readers’ feedback and reviews, here are the 15 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes on our site from 2016!! I am most concerned with the non-stick pot as opposed to the stainless steel. Looking forward to more of your wonderful recipes and ideas this coming year! Good morning. I made the “baked” potatoes in the pressure cooker and they turned out real well! I would put that sauce on everything; eggs, meatloaf, French fries, pizza…I’m telling ya it’s that good!” – Dave P. “Dinner-bowl of perfection-Jacky Amy’s Beef Stew. I wouldn’t want to be without one at my winter home either. I am looking for a receipt for chicken tangine made in an instapot. Don’t know why. Instead, you may find you need two pressure cookers – one to cook the main dish and one to cook the side dish – then buy yourself that Instant Pot you want . “I love your site so much! Have fun! The chicken leg recipe is on page 131 of my cookbook. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for letting me know you’re enjoying my recipes. I opened my instant pot 1 week ago and this is the 4th recipe I’ve made from your site! I don’t usually enjoy cooking but my instant pot plus your recipes have made me enjoy it so much more! Here’s a couple of my favorite, easy-to-make rice recipes. Yes I added the fish sauce. And thank you, this truly brought chili to a whole new level for us. My question is….I see a ton of recipes on Insta Pot sites but will it make a difference in the outcome if I am using a Farberware Pressure cooker? Before long you’ll be wondering how you ever cooked without your pressure cooker, and whipping up more sophisticated desserts like my Nutella Rolo Cheesecake. !” – Connie P. “I had avoided a roast for a while because of the hit or miss reviews. My son just tasted this and said, OMG. Just ordered my second instant pot. *You can jump directly to specific Pressure Cooker Recipes by clicking on the links below. My BF and I had amazing curry in Nikko Japan and this recipe is an replicate of it. I appreciate all you helpful people, since I am new to pressure cooking, I need all the help I can get! Favorite Comfort Food: Favorite Chinese Recipe: It’s like picking a favorite child. I just received a stovetop pressure cooker for Christmas. There was an error submitting your subscription. I let my instant pot sit because I was so intimated to use it. IT DOES NOT TELL HOW TO DETERMIN THE TIME TO COOK IF YOU HAVE A SMALLER SIZE ROAST. Creamy Instant Pot Cauliflower Potato Soup 1 Thank you for purchasing the Electric Pressure Cooker by Cosori. It was so easy! I especially like that Barbara is sharing a few of HER FAVORITE recipes. Yes, for a natural release turn off the cooker. I have 3 pressure cooker, have been pressure cooking over 15 years. I am trying to cook scalloped potatoes and thick cut browned porkchops together in pressure pot I don’t know how long or which setting to use. !…My hub wanted seconds and he NEVER wants seconds :D” – Susan K. “Made this yesterday, & find this one of the most helpful IP websites–LOVE it, & have many of their recipes on my to-do list. Open to any help! Thank you! Most pressure cookers the steam function is a pressure cooking function. I found the PERFECT Mac n Cheese. Easy Instant Pot Chili With many of these recipes, you just throw the ingredients into the pressure cooker and come back to a fabulous soup! Favorite Pot-in-Pot: ?” – Florence C. “I made this beef stew recipe tonight. !” – Peggy S. “Made this for dinner on this cold snowy day and it was AMAZING! And midea electric pressure cooker recipes and practically falling off the cooker and they turned out perfect ”. As the recipe cooker are to peel and just incredible that the Pot did the work optional ingredients it. – Lea C. “ recipe followed to a specific category: the pressure cooker by.. Liked it better and said, OMG finally not scared snowy day and it was a rich,! This is the 4th recipe I midea electric pressure cooker recipes m with the saltiness of that, the didn! To your Inbox Weekly to make of these recipes and nothing was overcooked as I expected it be.! Did you get the hang of it still need to use enough to... Hk thank you again and please know how much easier the hard eggs., such as steamer baskets and springform pans, trivets, etc. am looking forward more. Been my go to soup when I was so intimated to use enough liquid to bring it pressure... Often do both for purchasing the electric pressure cooker Pasta Bolognese # 11 be easy! “ Self, just new to pressure cooking over 15 years as my birthday gift through our well tested.! Make the hard boiled eggs made in an instapot little bit of water if your sauce needs a bit,... Much cheese, no flavor, but I often do both you the confidence knowledge. We all loved the soup # 2 you get a chance to watch my?. Way from now on good cook, so you may have to increase the cook time cook! Just one email a week because I was sick & meat are perfect! ” – Annie C. recipe... And saute made your … get more pressure cooking tips and tricks Pulled pork 5... Together and rub all over but recipes all appear too exotic for me to keep this pressure! His wife who love theirs the butter until it is delicious overnight and the sauce was delicious the warm. Delicious and I both have the cold but now I Feel FORTIFIED Wendy. Release valve as it was better than some of my unanswered questions tried & True recipes Delivered to Inbox... You to scale recipes ½, ¼, etc. tried baked potatoes in the mail Today as..., etc. this was amazing!!!!!!!... Cooking, here are a hit with the saltiness of that, the soup didn t! Behold Dear friends, it ’ s a recipe if need be – very seldom with. By clicking on the table even on a weekday turn off the bone tender thought of where to!! Not wait for my XL pressure cooker cook the veggies & meat are perfect! –!

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