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Likewise, Boomers frequently refer to Millennials/Gen-Zers as the "Snowflake Generation" for believing that they are each unique and special, seeking too much attention, and being over-emotional and sensitive. When asked if the knowledge that the painting was no longer by Mark Rothko changed its value, De Sole exclaimed, "I think so!" The art world's track record for supporting artists of color is equally poor. Collecting Art by Women: Wise Investment or Last Resort? We should expect that artists propped up by Boomer wealth may have a hard time finding buyers in ten or twenty years — specifically, artists who sexualized or objectified women or treated animals or the environment poorly. The work was one of many painted by art forger Pei-Shen Qian and sold through the gallery to unsuspecting collectors. Collecting in the Age of Digital Reproduction, Generative Photography - An Interview With Gottfried Jäger, The Generative Portraiture of Espen Kluge. By using The Art Newspaper website you agree to our use of cookies as described in this, End of the road? It “has been a bit like doing an army assault course blindfolded,” as Melanie Clore, the co-founder of Clore Wyndham art advisory, puts it. Let's follow the money and look at which artists most benefited from Boomer patronage to see if there's a trend. OK, not going to let myself finish without making some bold and measurable art market predictions for you to hold me accountable for. We’d like to think an artist’s popularity and success is tied to their talent and skill. the largest single-day protest march in US history, Created the first human-made virgin forest in her 1992-1996 reclamation project. Obviously, Trump embodies some firmly held Boomer ideas about leadership, or else the majority of them wouldn't have elected him as their president. That is, in part, why many galleries are loath to adopt the “buy it now” functionality of the now-ubiquitous online viewing rooms (OVRs). Lesser-known galleries and their artists are not helped by the lack of opportunity for collectors to stumble across them at a fair—online viewing is a narrower experience and, as the art adviser Emily Tsingou laments, it is “not easy to discover a new artist or ‘voice’”. 93% of high net worth Millennials had purchased art online vs. less than half of high net worth Boomers, according to a 2019 UBS report. we made the decision in September to postpone our 34th annual Art Market until next year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Such is the power, and the professionalism, of the two global auction houses and of the small coterie of leading contemporary art dealers… However, she also created many “philosophical drawings” and prints, exploring isometric systems and complex map projections. The global art market shrunk by 5% in 2019 with a total of $64.1 billion in sales, according to economist Clare McAndrew’s report “The Art Market 2020,” released by Art Basel and UBS on Thursday. The problem is, “retail” is cheapening. But he is heartened by “the rapid digitalisation” of the market and the “unprecedented collaborations” between galleries and others that were catalysed by the pandemic and “the sense that we would only serve by banding together”. Agnes Denes, Map projection: the snail, 1976. Thomas' market is already a rocketship. How do these polls play out in real-life decision making? This is the greatest existential threat to our world right now and the art world is not immune to this”. As we enter a new decade, my 2020 art market predictions will make the case that the art market will be unrecognizable ten years from now (in 2030). What was popular with the Boomers is mostly unpopular with Millenials and Gen-Zers. Alma Thomas at the opening for her show at the Whitney. Prince Osinachi - Becoming Sochukwuma, 2019. The impact on employment is also at the forefront of McAndrew’s mind as “the art market is a very high-value employer” and her Art Basel/UBS report found that a third (33%) of 795 contemporary and Modern art galleries surveyed were already reducing their staff. Art Market 2020 Postponed After much deliberation. This should change in the next two decades. His attitudes towards women inspired the largest single-day protest march in US history just one day after his inauguration. But some criticised these, such as KJ Freeman of New York’s Housing gallery who described them as “performative wokeness”. De Sole sued the Knoedler gallery in 2016 for $25M in damages. You can remove yourself from the list at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe" link in the newsletter. We have already seen Jean Michel Basquiat break through the ceiling with his Untitled, selling for $110M in 2017. As the industry scrabbles to make back lost business, hybrid “bricks and clicks” livestreamed evening auctions have happened every month since Sotheby’s first hi-tech foray in late June—“QVC for oligarchs”, as one wag termed it. Like Trump, both are white, male, and rich. Again, the stats show we are nowhere near parity: Just 2.3% of all acquisitions by museums were of art by African-American artists from 2008 - 2018, Only 7.7% of exhibitions at 30 prominent US museums were by African-American artists from 2008 - 2018, Just 1.2% of art in American museums is by African-Americans, Just 2.8% of art in American museums is by Latino Artists. We just needed to wait for a generation excited to embrace and celebrate artists of all colors and genders to come along before we could give her the proper recognition she deserves. Art Basel’s global director Marc Spiegler says that having to cancel all three of the company’s 2020 fairs “was heart-breaking”. In the next 25 years an estimated forty-five million US households will pass down an unprecedented $68 trillion to their children and grandchildren, according to a report from Cerulli Associates. In the last six years, art by women increased in value by 72.9% vs. 8% for art by male artists as tracked by Sotheby's Mei Moses index. Talent-wise, you might be the next Mark Rothko, but if you are not popular with the right group of people, you might as well be Pei-Shen Qian. Millennials and Gen-Zers value systems are measurably at odds with Boomers and we should anticipate unprecedented market upheaval in the coming decades. Gallery, the first all-female artists’ cooperative gallery in the United States. In this environment, Osinachi bravely celebrates people from the LGBTQ community in his work, showing them as everyday people flourishing in their lives. Stuart Shave, the owner of Modern Art gallery in London, says that, while turnover is reduced, his gallery’s profit margins “have significantly expanded, in some months even quadrupled from the previous year”. Can Machine Learning Predict the Price of Art at Auction? That represented a drop of $3.3 billion in sales from 2018, which was the art market’s biggest year in half a decade, with total sales of $67.4 billion. McAndrew estimates that the market will have shrunk around 30% to 40% in 2020, “a very tough year with a substantial loss in the value of sales.” Her report on the impact of Covid-19 on the gallery sector, published in September by Art Basel and UBS, found that gallery sales dropped an average of 36% in the first half of 2020, while 2% of galleries had closed permanently (that figure will likely rise). Lately I have been buying as much work by artist Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe as I can get my hands on. Fairs fell like dominoes—Frieze New York in May, June’s Art Basel, first postponed to September, then cancelled altogether. And disruption is already seeping into 2021: Tefaf Maastricht has retreated from March to late May/June, Art Basel in Hong Kong from March to May and Frieze LA from February to July. In many ways, I prefer this. As we enter a new decade, my 2020 art market predictions will make the case that the art market will be unrecognizable ten years from now (in 2030). They've even popularized the catch phrase "OK Boomer" to efficiently dismiss a generation whose values they see as closed-minded and incompatible with their own. 62% of Gen-Zers/Millennials believe increasing diversity is good for society vs. 48% (less than half) of Boomers, 68% of Millennials prefer movies and TV shows with diverse casts vs. 32% of Boomers, 70% of Millennials support gay and lesbian marriage vs. 39% of Boomers, 56% of Millennials see a link between human activity and climate change vs. 45% of Boomers. Fine art auction sales in the first half of 2020 at Christie’s and Sotheby’s were down about 50% by value (20% by volume), McAndrew says, but both auction houses regained ground during the … Many words could describe 2020. As the next generation of collectors scour history to find artists who gave us early warnings that we needed to take better care of our planet and the people who inhabit it, Denes' name will regularly show up at the top of the list of those few who did. The US dealer Karen Jenkins-Johnson told us: “It is one thing to hire a person of colour; it’s another thing to put a person of colour in a leadership role; it’s another thing to give that person room to participate in steering the gallery.” As Siddall says, “[although] there is a greater awareness of the need to see more people of colour throughout our industry,” we must “ensure that awareness is turned into action”. Frieze LA managed to go ahead in February, then New York’s Armory Week in March, while collectors and dealers jokingly practiced their “Wuhan Shake” foot tap at the opening of Tefaf Maastricht on 5 March. Consolidation is inevitable and, in Petterson’s view: “The more robust galleries, the best-known artists and the big auction houses will be ok. It’s the mid-size galleries with high fixed costs that will struggle.”. And while few events have actually taken place, no one has had a break either, as the economist Clare McAndrew pointed out in a live talk with The Art Newspaper in October. Trump's best-known mantras are "your fired" and "build a wall." It can also be seen in the celebratory Nduka's Wedding Day featuring a male bride on his wedding day holding a bouquet. The Art Market covers all aspects of the international market and highlights the most important developments in the previous year. Based on the extreme shift in values and the ensuing wealth transfer, I predict that by 2030: Works by five non-white and or non-male artists will sell for more than $50M each, Women move from 2% of sales at auction to at least 10%, Women shift from 11% of all work acquired for permanent collections to at least 25%, Women will go from being featured in just 14% of exhibitions to 30%, Acquisitions of art by African-Americans by major US museums will go from 2.3% to 10%, Art in US museums will go from 2.5% by Latino Artists to 5%. Thomas is an incredibly strong painter. Both are messages of exclusivity and subjugation designed to bully and humiliate those in less powerful positions. In addition to their concerns over climate change, Millenials/Gen-Zers are also the most technologically fluent generation we have seen. Why? But collectors are still buying, some seeing it as their duty to actively commission works—Turin-based Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, for instance, is concentrating on Covid-friendly video and land art commissions. First African- American women to graduate with an art degree, Earned a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University in 1934, First African- American woman to receive a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum (1974), Resounding reviews in The New York Times in an era of prejudice and bias, Selected by the Obamas for display in the dining room of the White House. Amid the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that started in May, many businesses issued BLM solidarity statements.

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