best sailing vlogs 2020

Sailing La Vagabonde 4. (#266), Kids Corner- The Ramblings of Two Kids Living on our Boat. A collection of all sailing vlogs on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get updates when new articles and videos are published. The only downside of these Aleader shoes is that they have large holes along the bottom which are great for support and anti-slip matters but bad for getting little pebbles in them. Anonymous The best all-around shoe for a boater is a lightweight water shoe for adventure and travel. Anonymous Kirsten and Siya are a funny, charming, adventure-loving couple – now with a baby in tow – that seem to attract followers for their personalities as much as the destinations they showcase. Thus far we’ve only hit the first island of the Azores and we’re making tracks to the next ones, and we can barely Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More, by Sailboat Buying Guide For Cruisers - Digital, I'd Rather Be Sailing women's short sleeve t-shirt, It’s always nice to take the dinghy to shore for. Adventure and Water Shoes. Come to find out, it was his shoes! On the viewer side, they condense a whole mess of information down into a tight little package, as well as giving a real and tangible sense of what a place might be like, helping you judge whether it’s worth a visit or not. Cruisers Forum is an online forum community of cruisers from around the world! Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB Here, we’ve listed some of our favorite cruising blogs/vlogs by category, as boaters are a diverse bunch! And flip flops simply get too slippery when it’s raining. This time though it’s because of the mounting pile of tasks, dodgy ovens and fibreglass repairs. Trio Travels 9. Looking for inspiration that is a little more offbeat and adrenaline fuelled? The evil ice cat and her devilish mother. Anonymous They’re not good, however, for gripping on the deck, hiking or when using them in the rain. Swell Voyage 3. What a beautiful way, Here's How To Make Sure Your Boat Doesn't Smell Li, There’s such a great feeling when you’re ancho, An excellent sail up to Carriacou today. Anonymous We can’t wait to work with two of the industries leaders in the marine industry. Combining these passions into a YouTube channel seemed the obvious course of action, but even he’d probably admit that he didn’t expect it to blow up quite like it has. Anonymous We Know You Have One (or more! ... With a vlog series full of 2020 challenges available, now is the perfect time to start! Are you planning on sailing the tropics for an extended time? San Diego, California, United States About Blog Scuttlebutt Sailing News … Furthermore, you want to make sure that what you’re taking will work on a boat. Utterly perfect day for a spot of spearfishing don’t ya think? October 19, 2020, 10:47 pm, I wonder at the size and agility of the cat which has been placed amongst the pigeons. These are truly some unique islands, volcanic mountains Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More, by Gone are the days of salty old men ruling the sailing image! Anonymous One pair of nice shoes. Finally! September 25, 2020, 11:22 pm, #267 “I don’t get blown away like this ever, I’m a jaded old traveller…” It was all worth it. Mold doesn’t grow on them and there’s nothing that can corrode. This Aussie couple like to sail. March 05, 2020 The Best Sailing YouTube Channels. Find on PikWizard. And if you like this type of video let me know. Sailing Nandji is … They can damage your deck, mark your topside and there are very few places or events where you’d be expected to wear such nice shoes. Sometimes you just gotta go for it, change it up, break some plans. For the boat. He’s been on the road for over eight years, and is showing no sign of slowing down, despite the fact that he’s now a father. Or it blew up on us. October 12, 2020, 10:12 pm, It’s certainly feeling like we’re never gonna leave Ponta Delgada. Anonymous Shoes that are canvas or material based don’t work very well either. October 16, 2020, 1:47 pm, Learn how to freedive from the best of the best: Hey guys, come aboard with us as we get moving through onwards the Azores. High heels are a big no-no. Search. , Thanks for this Esther! Life is indeed fun for Louis, who gets to share his worldly adventures with no less than 2 million subscribers. Best cameras for vlogging 2020: the 12 finest choices for video creators. Menu. If you would like to earn a commission on promoting our t-shirts, guides, club or experience, join our affiliate program. Latest Top Ever Hot Trending Sailing Vlogs. Sailing Britaly. ABOUT: Informative sailing videos on sailing finances, personal vlogs and experiences, boat work and maintenance, and creative boat recipes. They have a treasure trove of Australian content, particularly around exploring the outback under your own steam, which is super helpful for anyone looking to do the same. Are you wondering what to bring on the boat with you and what to leave behind? This demo site is only for demonstration purposes. An action there is, as Luis has flown himself around the world in a light aircraft, taken on the challenge of riding from London to Africa, and generally found the most exciting/least convenient way to do things! And yet, yet, this is the Azores. Jordan and Desiree spent 3 years fixing up their 30-foot sailboat “Atticus,” … With over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, British backpacker Ben Brown has made a career out of feeding his travel addiction by building up an army of eager followers. your privacy. ... 2020, 12:14 am. The lobster tail was, Our mooring is calm, peaceful, full of beautiful s, Sundowners on the beach with buddy boats! You’ll notice a distinct lack of Australia on that list, but he can’t be too far off – right Matt? Charity They’re lightweight and are made of a mesh so your feet really breath. Before leaving land we had to choose between what we took on board and what we left behind. So, the number one shoe to have aboard a boat is actually no shoe at all, but that’s not what this video is about. This blog will give 100 of the best to follow. Careening towards one million subscribers, Marko and Alex Ayling are award-winning travel videographers that let their pictures do (most of) the talking. They’ll all corrode eventually and look terrible. And while Lenny’s sailing ability Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More, by (I wear Roxy flip flops – they last for years)  They don’t corrode, mold or smell. October 12, 2020, 10:15 pm, Join our crew and support our production Equipped with the best local advice (thank you Nuno and Julia! Anonymous We’re not gonna let anything slow us down though, functioning limbs or not. And it wasted our day. [Ep.270], A Trip to Crater Island. A quick glance at their videos tells you why – bubbly personalities, gorgeous imagery and exciting adventures are offered up in every clip, along with a wealth of travel info, much of which is Australia-centric. Terceira is such a beautiful place and Click here for full post: YouTube: Sailing […] More, by Flip-Flops. Staying on the food and travel theme, Samuel and Audrey have been scouring the world searching for street food since a fortuitous meeting while travelling in Seoul. Most PAINFUL Virus Test.. and then WE’RE FREE to Explore! The best sailing news from around the world. So whatever you want to vlog about, you’re sure to find your ideal camera below. Sailing Nandji. Now, these are not to be confused with the cheap $10 shoes you find at the touristy shops that are supposedly made for water yet fall apart after one use! Project Atticus 8. Having started their journey in 2014, they’ve racked up no less than 60,000nm of sailing apiece, and a new addition to the family already has quite a … I’ll explain that soon. Out in the middle of the Atlantic is a paradise we can barely describe and we’re so lucky to be here given that 2020 was, well, a 2020 of Click here for full post: YouTube: […] More, by While sailing over 30,000 nautical miles we've actually gotten rid of more things than we've taken aboard. With over 23 million channel views and screenings of Shea’s film worldwide, Overlander is showing a simple YouTube channel can turn into so much more! 4. Sailing Nandj 11. 4. With limited space on a boat you want to make sure you only take what you’re going to use! Furthermore, they’re easy to wash the sand off, light to carry around and finally, if you lose them, its not the end of the world. SUBSCRIBERS: 19.6K. September 15, 2020, 12:14 am. Riley & Elayna run a vlog like no other. Sailing Blogs for the Cruising Couple. Sailing Uma 6. Anonymous Another good shoe to bring with you is something slightly more dressy for those nights when you want to dress up a bit. Before leaving land we had to choose between what we took on board and what we left behind. The crui, Just woke up to this sunrise. Fun for Louis And boy has he found some! Summit 1-25-2020 Sailing – "Live" Blog, Cat Blog, Vlogs Please Take Moment To Read....Remember Our Purpose. Watch the video and read the article here. I’ll have to check those out. A YouTube veteran of 13 years and counting, in recent years Overlander TV has taken its vlog to the next level, with a professional camera crew capturing stunning, cinema-level footage. But not all vloggers are created equal. Jason is a young British traveller that creates informative travel vlogs with cinematic vibes. I also wear them when flip flops won’t provide enough support.

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