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“Helm, come left two degrees!” A moment later the now stationary and heavily listing cruiser came into his torpedo sights.

Sep-2017 / Fantasy; 1914. The fence wasn’t tall at all. I write all the scenes of a given character at once. As the cruiser had before her she increased her speed and turned to her starboard giving Ramsey his first view of her side. The double bar insignia on his filthy gray submariner’s uniform was that of a Lieutenant, but when you commanded a boat of your own you were called Captain regardless.

With the e-book revolution we’re again seeing shorter novels. It was all too little too late. There are also other staples of modern day science fiction such as Hyperspace, personal force fields, energy weapons, space cruisers etc. When things had heated up in ninety-five at the end of the Spanish-Confederate War, however, everything changed. The black man’s smile grew broader and brighter. The exhausted animal let out a whinny. Bennett's father, John Bennett, and his performing partner, Robert Martell, both appeared in a music hall slapstick comedy act. He watched them fall away and out of sight. To hear Patton tell it, he’d put twenty shots into a target twenty five meters away. Ted had been in the US army doing occupation duty in Germany after World War 2. I usually start working on my book around 4 in the afternoon these days.

In spite of this, the Yankee Captain ordered speed. But for now I will have to do. In any event he hoped they would at least teach the Turks below that aeroplanes were not things to be trifled with. Ramsey motioned for Marks to look through the periscope. I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to do on my blog besides talk about my own books and writing, is review books that are my favorites and are also major inspirations to me. He’d traded shots with another aircraft just once before. Can anyone say Dentist?

Life has been busy since then. This time it was followed almost immediately by a second much larger explosion. Still it was a joy for the first rating to be five stars.

A few Ottoman guns roared in reply but it was clear to Nesterov that his own side received far less punishment than it was dishing out. A ship that size has to have a wireless. My method of writing novels has grown and developed over the years.

His hand froze as he came to the last column that demanded an entry. Anacreon’s war mongering prince regent Wienis turns the Cruiser against the Foundation. The Confederate submarine was at a depth of forty feet. There was a hill three miles to east, just on the other side of the woods. On the opposite side of the cockpit from his rifle were three slots, each of which held a short elongated bomb. My other idea involves a criminal from the future who escapes into the past.

The judges hadn’t bought it. In response Dickinson repudiates a longstanding agreement that had guaranteed the US and Britain access to the new Panama canal which had originally been signed in the late 1890s to avert war.

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. I find it stimulates my creativity better. My wife wanted to stop for coffee the other morning so while she ran in to get it I got opened up my writing pad. Handsome (Add that to the fact that ladies love a man in uniform and he practically has to beat them away with bats– which creates internal conflict– see below). In the past nineteen years the border had become more militarized then it had been since the War of 1869. But I also want the quality of my books to increase so I’m trying to edit edit edit.

Now that they were under bombardment, the trenches and fortifications around the city looked as though hell itself was erupting out of the ground beneath them. “It’s an older ship,” said Marks. But what if something went wrong in Hitler’s plan to take out Rohm? Everywhere he looked below he saw smashed buildings—smashed churches, smashed mosques, smashed houses, smashed everything. I met my wife, got married, went through Seminary, had three kids, pastored churches, written alternate history novels but in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to go back and finish the story I began with Thunder in Space. “We’ll just have to get to higher ground.” He flicked the reins and got his horse moving again. I’m trying to get better at not being overzealous with my estimates, but you’ll forgive me if it ends up taking just a little longer. If not…. Before the bombardment the outskirts of the city had resembled a labyrinth because of the many trenches. I’m selling four times as many books as By Force of Arms was at this point in its release. In short, a book should be as long as it has to be to tell a story. Billy Bennett Alternate History and Science Fiction Novels, Wichita, Kansas. Therefore I will transfer these qualities to our character’s father who will be a veteran of the great war. With a word he could have dismissed him. There’s a reason some subjects in Alternate History like World War 2 and the American Civil War are done again and again– they are popular.

Since the title has the word “flags” plural, I may add a US flag as well, assuming I can get a copyright free picture of a fluttering 30 star US flag. I give thanks to the fans of my books and hope you will enjoy my soon to be released novels. I know some are saying, “you took two years to write FLAGS & HONOR, how do you expect to write a complete rough draft of a new novel in three months? Monday Update . “Maintain position and depth. Vodka…I need more vodka… He’d knocked back a glass before takeoff. For me momentum builds as I near the end of a book. You’d best believe that Marse Rob and Ole Blue Light understood that. I got a second job and self published it in 2004. Rebel Empire’s sales are at awesome levels! He also didn’t mind the fact that the dust and smoke from the massed bombardment had concealed the Ottoman lines and positions around the city. Once Holy Russia had liberated it from the Mohammedan infidels, the city that had once been the capitol of the ancient Byzantine Empire, and the center of the Orthodox Christian faith, would be under Christian control for the first time in over four-hundred and fifty years. We’ll be going on the offensive. 5. Well I changed my mind. It was one of my favorite movies as a child. 1) It’s not fair to judge a historical book by modern standards, 2) there is nothing wrong with women being homemakers if that’s what they want and 3) it is foolish to believe that gender roles in the future will match what they are today. After designing the above cover for Guns and Glory I liked it so much I decided to redo the cover for Flags and Honor in the same theme. I hope to have the first one released by November 2015. By the time you get your writing pulled up its time to go. The paperback and Nook editions will be out shortly. He licked his lips. Many of my British fans have pointed this out as a reason that they liked By Force of Arms.

What if Hindenburg had declared Martial Law? I hope everyone enjoys it! You also have your setting. Nesterov’s mission was to survey those defenses and any Ottoman deployments that might have been made. I have found that when I get stuck on one story it helps to go onto another. I love Space Opera / Action Adventure in Space. There was a sudden explosion as the first torpedo slammed into the stern of the frigate. Patton had cursed a storm, and insisted that the other three shots had simply “passed through” the holes of the previous impacts due to his “near perfect” skill. Since he is going to be the anti-Nazi, it goes without saying that I want him to be the main hero of the story. Its not finished but this is roughly what it will look like. A canvas covered truck was off the side of the road and looked to have a busted wheel. My wife is seven years younger than me and she was stunned to see James Bond smoking inside an airport. Quirks: Moody and temperamental. For another, the Russian Artillery knew perfectly well where to train their guns, as evidenced by the storm of iron they had unleashed upon Silistra.

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