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Employers will pay 20% of wages to make up the 80% total up to a cap of £2,500 plus employers’ total NICs and pension contributions. A Welsh translation is now available see:, Coronavirus job retention scheme – download a template if you are claiming for 100 or more employees. The employer can then claim a grant of 80 per cent of a furloughed employee’s usual pay, plus employer National Insurance Contributions (NICS) and minimum employer auto-enrolment pension contributions. In the next few weeks, employers may need to submit additional information or change the way they manage their Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) claims. Under the more flexible second and third phase extensions to the furlough scheme (from July to October and then to end of March 2021) employees may either cease working completely or work reduced hours.

The UK Government will review the policy in January to decide whether economic circumstances are improving enough to ask employers to contribute more. You will need to: You do not need to place all your employees on furlough, and you can continue to fully furlough employees if you wish. This is welcome relief for many employers and employees. Employers claim for a minimum period of seven consecutive calendar days and need to work out the hours worked and compare this to the usual hours an employee would work in that claim period. See: If an employee becomes ill during furlough, the employer can choose whether to move the employee onto SSP or pay them at their furloughed rate. Redundancy pay: The rules on calculating statutory redundancy and notice payments have been amended to ensure the employee’s normal full rate of pay rather than reduced furlough pay is used as a basis for working out redundancy payments. keep records of how many hours your employees work and the number of hours they are furloughed (i.e. Employers are advised by the government to claim in advance of an imminent payroll or at the point when they run their payroll. If you do return to work in that period, no amount will be due in respect of furlough. Complete the following fields at the top of the sheet: Claim Start: First date of calendar days in claim, Claim End: Last date of calendar days in claim: note this must be in the same calendar month as the Claim start date, Output File Path: the location to save the file to, Export File Name: the name of the file you can generate.

1‌‌‌ ‌August 2020 – The CJRS will no longer pay for employers’ National Insurance (NI) and pensions contributions for furloughed employees. Employers must still pay furloughed employees 80% of their wage but can only reclaim 60%. calculations (in case HMRC need more information about the claim), usual hours worked, including any calculations for flexibly furloughed employees. Detailed guidance on the earnings that count towards the £520 a month average minimum earning threshold is expected to be published in September 2020. The scheme will be reviewed in January 2021 and if economic circumstances have improved employers may be asked to contribute more, so the 80% government contribution may not last until March 2021.

Previously, the scheme had only been open for employees reported on an RTI submission on or before 19 March 2020 and who had been furloughed for at least three weeks before 1 July 2020. To make a claim, employers must apply with the following information: Employers with more than 100 employees will need to upload this information in one of the following formats; XLS, XLSX, CSV, ODP. If employees do not agree to be furloughed then employers can dismiss them by reason of redundancy (if the redundancy definitions are met and a proper process is followed). This means the subsidy will taper off from August, with businesses expected to pay a greater share of their staff salaries, starting with covering National Insurance and pension contributions. Where a company has received an overpayment and the company officers knew of an over claimed CJRS grant when it was received, or another time when a tax liability arose, or they were aware that the grant was not used for its intended purpose, and the repayment cannot be recovered from the company because of insolvency, company officers can be made personally liable for the amount owed. a fortnight’s notice for a week’s holiday).

Terms and Conditions Workers on all categories of visa can be furloughed, including those that do not allow access to public funds.

This includes: To be eligible the employer must have a PAYE payroll scheme and have a UK bank account. HMRC will retain the right to retrospectively audit all aspects of your claim.

Employers have to make these payments from their own resources after this date. You can change your cookie settings at any time. From November the government will pay the 80% but the employer must still cover the employees' NI and pension contributions. actual hours worked for flexibly furloughed employees. HMRC has confirmed that it expects the scheme to come into effect next week. If you have made an error that has resulted in receiving too little money, you will still need to ensure you pay your employees the correct amount. All rights reserved.

Furloughed staff must not work for their employer during days which they are on furlough as this may jeopardise the employer’s claims for the Government grant.
The vast majority of employers will have used the CJRS responsibly, but we will not hesitate to act on reports of abuse of the scheme. They will generally be people who would otherwise be at risk of being laid off or being made redundant. I am the UK editor for Forbes Advisor UK. Employers must start contributing for the wage costs of paying furloughed employees. If you have made an error in a claim that means you have received too much, you must pay this back to HMRC. News HMRC says that the CJRS has four lines of defence against fraud, which it describes as: Richard Las, the Acting Director at HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, said: “The CJRS is part of the collective national effort to protect jobs. Previous government guidance confirms that employers can continue to claim the furlough grant for a furloughed employee who is serving statutory or contractual notice. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was originally scheduled to finish at the end of June. Contact also helps maintain furloughed employees’ loyalty and engagement so that they can return to work smoothly after the lockdown. After this the employee can then be flexibly furloughed for any period. Surveys may be another useful tool to deal with any issues and feedback. If you want the employee to be paid at their normal rate, we also recommend you use the Furlough Top Up payslip item for the remaining 20% of their pay. Click here to find out more. However, current government guidance has confirmed that payments at the discretion of the employer such as discretionary bonuses and commission payments are excluded. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing: From 1 July, employers can bring back to work employees that have previously been furloughed for any amount of time and any shift pattern, while still being able to claim the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme grant for their normal hours not worked. Details of the scheme to apply in February and March 2021 will follow the government’s review, but the government has stated that it will consider whether reduced rates can be implemented at that time, with employers asked to contribute more.

Payments of £1,000 will be made for each returned furloughed employee who remains employed from November through to the end of January 2021. If you are making another claim then you can tell HMRC about an over claimed amount as part of this. For claims between 1st July 2020 and 31st July 2020, you will be able to claim towards pension contributions you make on the gross pay grant for the hours they are furloughed. CJRS – HMRC makes changes to calculations for claims. The government is introducing a new Job Retention Bonus to provide additional support to employers who keep on their furloughed employees in meaningful employment, after the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ends on 31 October 2020. Newly furloughed employees had to be furloughed on or before the 10th June, ensuring they met the criteria of a minimum 3-week period by the 30th June. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Site Map, Copyright © 2018 Magee Gammon - Accountants in Kent. From 1st July 2020, your employees will be able to return to work part-time and be furloughed for the rest of their usual hours. Regular payments of wages, variable PAYE wages, fees, and compulsory payments including commission and bonuses, are included when working out the percentage salary figure. Furlough reclaim = £1000.00/30*15/80%*60% = £375.00, Employee furloughed for whole allowable period.

You need to provide a National Insurance number (NINO) for all employees as part of your CJRS claim. , you should still enter 80% of employee wages as furlough payment because that is what is due to the employee.

It also describes the processes involved. From 1 August, employers had to pay employee's National Insurance Contributions and pension contributions, and can no longer claim a grant for these. Employees who are made redundant after more than two years of continuous service are usually entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. Employees can enter into a flexible furlough agreement more than once. You must not claim more towards pension contributions than you have paid into your employee’s pension. Its official, furlough is coming to an end in October. HMRC says he is the first person to have been arrested in connection with fraudulent claims from the scheme.
This means that their contractual notice period remains in effect during a period of furlough and they would remain entitled to statutory redundancy payment in the event they are made redundant during their furlough. Their normal salary is £2400. Furlough reclaim = £1000.00, NI reclaim = £1000.00 – £732 * 13.8% = £36.98, Furlough pay = £1000.00. As under the original scheme, employers can top up the wages above the grant for fully furloughed staff if it is feasible for them to do so. This means that an employee with two jobs can have 80% of their salary reimbursed with a cap of £5,000, or more, if the employers both top the salary up above the grant level. Claims relating to November 2020 must be made by 14 December 2020. How Furlough Reclaim is calculated up to 30th June 2020. The furloughed employees are unlikely to receive £2,500 exactly. See: This relates to employees returning from extended leave of absence, such as maternity/paternity leave.

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