cma usa passing marks

Amani is a good one: 2nd I want to know the scope in saudi arabia and in future can I get job. I don’t have the gut feeling that I passed like I did immediately after the first exam. THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH, Hi Ibrahim this is a tough question… but I guess it depends whether you want to improve your reading or writing skills. i have strong desire to read and pass cma exams,it is not only English language level that make people from countries other than Europe,America and all countries that English language is their formal language not to be able to prepare for this certification but many obstacles may prevent and even deprive them to do this .one of these problems is how to attain cma questions and model answers and this is my my self, ifeel that ican do well just if ihave attained the required questions and answers covering part 1 at this stage. But you still need to proof yourself in other areas with a well crafted resume and good performance in interviews. Hi Wahaj, it should be fine! I took coaching from a well known institute for this in my city and it wasn’t very effective , so I had to do a lot of self study., If you have any specific questions you can email me here or on that review page. I am taking exame in JAN , Stephanie. Is it enable me to work in USA and Canada in a good suitable position. first section, that has the weightage of 75% of the overall score. Sure you can start as a student — you even have a student discount for the membership and exam fees: Hi guys! could you please tell me how many years allowed to get the cma after registration? The year-on-year improvement was also encouraging, with the Middle Eastern region reaching an all-time high of 45%. Is 360 score including essay ! No one goes into the exam wanting or expecting to fail. Unfortunately, the ICMA does not share exam scores via telephone. and I am curious – will i Pass, If I take this challenge ?? hello ,firstly i want to thank you for this gold advices.. To give yourself the best chance at CMA exam success, you must review thoroughly and study well. And all the videos that I have suggested are free of cost, so do watch them. Before I answer your questions, could you let me know whether you are looking at the US CMA or Canadian CMA? I want to start CMA Part 1 preparation for exams, is it possible to prepare for exams by self study or it must that you have to take coaching for it, please guide me about this. MCQs will comprise of 75% of the exam while Essay Type Question will be 25%. i registered in novemer 2012 and i did not pass any part upto now Coming to Hock/Gleim question, Gleim was very bulky for me and was going way beyond the exam level. Hi David, Cheers, Stephanie. It is possible, but I’d recommend that you contact the IMA to confirm or deny whether you can use it toward the experience requirement. i just wanted to know which part should take first part 1 or part 2 for cma? cause I think that language is the only problem that faces me and thank u so much for mini course because it help me so much to understand some points I couldn’t understand. Part 1 is the problem. I am afraid you and other candidates must get your own review materials. Your website helped me a lot to achieve this. my name is Manvi. Or are you convinced that it is super hard? Please let me know the grading system and the way i have to prepare. Did you mean registering for the exam? Practice from exam support package, and getting is this cma a better option than mba finance? Good to know Josh. It means you’re on the right track and you’re doing the legwork necessary to ensure you have a passing score the first time you take the exam. With more practice (and probably a bit more luck) you should be able to make it. Take your own notes.. Read the material well.. and Practice for the exam.. There are only three times of the year that testing windows are open: Jan/Feb, May/June, and Sept/Oct. For part 2 do I have to change any thing in my studying way or the same should do the trick There are some questions are bouncing in my forehead and need some answers if anyone could help: Sure Mohammed you are most welcome! Yes certainly you need proper grammar for the essay, but content, clarity and organization is important too. You don’t have to be one of them and add to the statistic of lower pass rates. Stephanie. Doing analysis into the pass rate data we have for the CMA can help us determine patterns and also what factors contribute to these rates. Hi sir. how many problem portions & theory portion it consists? Sometimes I believe if I studied for part 1 with my new strategy I’d definitely passed the exam. The above mentioned sections are evaluated on a scale of 0-500.The benchmark score that you have to get is 360 ie 72%,that is the minimum marks that you have to get but this only doesn’t satisfy the criteria of passing. your chance of passing the CMA exam is much higher than the average CMA exam pass rate. It depends on your available time and commitment. Hi Azhar, you may want to check out the my Middle East bloggers’ pages because they speak with their first hand experience. Those people fail, of course, but if one prepares well, the chance is much higher. ?? So I guess it helps to a certain extent. English is not my native language but i do feel quite comfortable with it. I am not sure how it converts into percentage to have an idea how well I have scored. 2nd question: I scored 350 in part 1 and 390 in part 2. I am a working professional, so I only prepared in the weekends. That’s why we are going over it now. Furthermore, they could have taken the CMA exam when they were not an accounting major and without doing the proper research to ensure they passed. I am planning to retake the exam in this June…. Yes Mahesh, 360 is an overall score. Some people choose to take Part 2 first, since it tends to be easier. But it also depends on your previous experience and your skill in interviews etc.

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