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They told her they were investigating the claim, but she said they did not provide details. They approached an individual who they believed was committing a crime. At the time of Camarena’s death, Matta ran a fleet of airplanes that U.S. investigators said supplied Nicaraguan rebels and smuggled drugs. The cartel buried his body in a Guadalajara park, then moved it to a secluded ranch, where his remains were found. An official website of the United States government.

“Why not this?”, Contributing: Arlene Martinez, The Ventura County (Calif.) Star, and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY, The murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena in 1985 is being further investigated. I want the truth to be out. The witnesses said they described the details to federal agents in 2018. Detective Sawyer was killed by a cocaine trafficker during an attempted robbery of $144,000 intended for the undercover operation.

We need to make justice.

Reinoehl, 48, was killed as a federal task force attempted to apprehend him in Lacey, Wash. DEA Agents Killed in Mexico, March 7, 1985 Aired March 7, 2000 - 10:25 a. Malone had credibility problems as a witness. They claimed the DEA official accepted money from the cartel.

Candlelight vigil held in memory of Springfield man shot, killed by DEA agents, Police investigate dispute, shooting in Springfield neighborhood, FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Chief Meteorologist Ron Hearst shares winter weather predictions for the Ozarks, Missouri’s $1.2B virus spending plan heads to state Senate. The family has hired attorneys, who focus on personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. (Dec. 4). A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. The result was a murky blend of drug trafficking, corruption and crime-fighting in Guadalajara. Seventeen years elapsed before prosecutors informed Verdugo that the testimony linking him to a hair found at the murder scene exceeded “the limits of science.” By then, Verdugo had been in prison for 32 years. Before his departure, Justice Department lawyers began reviewing hundreds of cases for which Malone had analyzed forensic evidence and asked prosecutors nationwide to help identify ones in which his work played an important role. Now, his murder is being investigated. People familiar with the case said there are reasons to be skeptical that much will come of the new inquiry. He was arrested last year in Mexico for violating his supervised release in the drug case and was turned over to U.S. authorities, who keep him at a prison outside Los Angeles. Slay, 25, was shot and killed at his home by federal agents after a confrontation. Teams of federal agents descended on Guadalajara, and more worked the case from the USA.

“Virtually every step of the way, the government has disregarded both the law and ethical standards of professional conduct in its zeal to make an example of Rene Verdugo,” one of his lawyers, John Lemon, wrote in a court filing in 2018 after a federal judge threw out both convictions.

Prosecutors and agents confirmed to Camarena’s widow, Mika, that witnesses provided the accounts allegedly connecting the CIA operative and DEA official to the plot, she said in an interview. “I want the truth to be out,” Mika Camarena said.

Secure .gov websites use HTTPS U.S. Justice Department agents and prosecutors obtained statements from witnesses implicating a Central Intelligence Agency operative and a DEA official in the plot to torture and murder Camarena, according to the witnesses, Camarena’s widow and others familiar with the case who were interviewed by USA TODAY. Other lawyers who received access to some of the new witness accounts described them in a court filing as “incredible.”, Lira, a former state policeman in Mexico who provided security for a Guadalajara Cartel kingpin on the side, told USA TODAY that prosecutors said he might have to testify in court if the case evolves. Special Agent (DEA) Enrique "Kiki" Camarena Salazar (July 26, 1947 – February 9, 1985) was an American intelligence officer for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Slay’s mother, Tina Slay Richardson, said what police say happened Monday tells a different story. Lawyers for both said they were not permitted to discuss the details. A federal court rejected the request, saying there was no evidence tying the government to the smuggling ring. By then, federal agents had launched a manhunt like few others in U.S. history.

In late 2018, federal prosecutors decided not to retry the men. The government’s review opened one more difficult chapter for the people still mourning Camarena’s death. Investigators are pursuing additional witnesses to see whether the allegations can be corroborated. Those claims were wrong, not supported by forensic science. …

Godoy said in an interview that he spoke to DEA officials in April 2019 about Camarena's killing. Weighing whether to retry the men, federal authorities reinterviewed witnesses. Nov. 7 marks six days since 25-year-old Caleb Slay was shot and killed by DEA agents, and tonight, family and friends gathered to honor his memory. Some told startling stories, alleging that U.S. officials had secretly been involved with a cartel that was delivering huge quantities of marijuana and cocaine to the USA, according to people familiar with the case who were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly. Harris said Godinez-Cervantes denied any involvement, though the attorney said authorities did not appear “entirely satisfied with his answers.” Given the lapse of time, Harris said he didn't expect new charges. They said a fight started and Caleb was shot. On November 19, 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Samuel S. Hicks was tragically shot and killed during a joint DEA, FBI, and Pittsburgh Police Department operation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Camarena, 37, who was known by the nickname “Kiki,” served in the U.S. Marine Corps before moving into law enforcement and becoming a DEA agent in 1975. By then, prosecutors and agents had begun interviewing witnesses again, including the three former Mexican police officers who had worked as drivers and security guards for some of the Guadalajara Cartel’s leaders. A federal court tossed their convictions in 2017.

“You can’t just put it in a drawer and forget about it,” said one official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and did so only on condition of anonymity. Lemon characterized them in a court filing last year as containing “never-before disclosed, incredible and contradictory” accounts by all three witnesses who claimed “to have witnessed CIA operatives working alongside cartel members.” Lemon asked a federal judge to order the government to turn over “all discovery concerning alleged CIA involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Agent Camarena.”.

Three of the witnesses – former Mexican police officers Ramon Lira, Rene Lopez and George Godoy, who had worked as security guards for cartel kingpins – spoke with USA TODAY and recounted that they told investigators a DEA official and a CIA operative were present at meetings where Camarena’s abduction was discussed.

Camarena’s son, Enrique Jr., a county judge in San Diego, declined to comment through a spokesman because judicial ethics rules “don’t allow him to comment on open cases or investigations.”. U.S. authorities offered a $20 million reward for his capture. Close US-Mexican border?

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