do vs does

I have guests visiting tonight so I should start. Use the verb have with the auxiliary does. When do the children do their homework? Use “Do” everywhere else. AP Stylebook recommends the use of only a singular verb. As noted in our post When to Add s to a Verb, the word he is a third-person singular pronoun; therefore, there is an s added to the verb. Anyone or any one is the subject, but is it then plural subject or…? Both sentences are correct as long as the first letter in each sentence is capitalized.

However, “Luscious orchards will captivate you” or “Let our luscious orchards captivate you” would be even better.

If the subject noun is plural, “how much do” is used. Do your family play tennis? 2. Our sentence of May 2, 2016, and your sentence are both grammatically correct. Appreciate any insight you can give. Mary and Jean are the subjects so use the plural verb do. You do not have enough gasoline. Example: How much do two loaves of bread cost? Does she like me?

We are unable to understand your intent, so we will take the liberty of rewriting your sentence as a question: Is it you or your company that …? The question was, the teacher wrote, ”What does your mother work?” As I never heard such a question, I asked the teacher why she didn’t write “What does your mother DO FOR work?” instead.

I would not recommend use of the word better without using had in formal writing, even though Merriam Webster’s Dictionary recognizes it as such (had better better hurry> ). Play this game to review Grammar. So … Is anyone plural or singular? There are other problems with that sentence but that may be due to typos. my question is out of topic, but i’m wondering if you can help me explaining why “almost forgot” should be used instead of “almost forget”? In the question, “What does your girlfriend do?” do is the main verb and does is the auxiliary. The subject I agrees with the verb don’t. The correct answer is, “How much do two bags of apples cost?” The bags are plural, which means you need a plural form. But that just doesn’t sound right. I’m sure ‘and’ makes it plural, just not positive about ‘or’. You have stated that “does” is singular and “do” is for plural. The word who may be singular or plural, depending on the person or persons it refers to. Since its plural i believe it would be Tina and Mike don’t play tennis.Will the same be applicable when you ask a question ?
Since the subject of your last sentence is the singular pronoun it, the correct verb is does. What does your father and mother do? is correct. The media does not always follow his advice, or the media do not always his advice?

When comparing two things and what they have in common, would it be proper to say: 1) What does a penguin and a chicken have in common?

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