easy steel drum songs

By throwing yourself into playing along to some of the best easy drum songs! If you want to experience some of the most popular songs done with the steel drum music, you are going to like The Island Caribbean Steel Drum Band’s album “Steel Drum Beach Party”. Drum Helper is one of the most popular free drumming resources on the web, dedicated to helping you achieve the most from playing the drums! Watch out for the verses that swap out the snare on the 2 and 4 for floor toms! I’m Gideon - thanks for checking out Drum Helper. Some of those tracks include steel covers of famous hits like Jackson Five’s“I Want You Back” or Simon and Garfunkel ‘s – “Cecilia” and “Aquarium”. All scores are in PDF format. All scores are in PDF format. Trinidad Steel Band cherished authentic old-school Trinidadian steel drum sound and released a 15-track album called “Steel Drums of Trinidad”. Drumming requires lots of muscle memory so allow your brain to process new information in order to solidify your playing feel. It has been a pleasure sharing with steel pan enthusiasts from around the world. Genre: ReggaeComposer: Bob MarleySkill Level: Intermediate. Panning Drums Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide, Music and Mindfulness For Stress Reduction, How To Record Electronic Drums (Beginner’s Guide), The Ultimate Kick Drum EQ Beginner’s Guide (With Steps), DW Collectors Series Vs Design Series Comparison, Alesis Surge Vs Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set Comparison. The verse utilises floor tom crotchets (4th notes) and the chorus swaps out to crash cymbals for a lot more energy. Open up the hi hats to have a bit more sizzle and put a bit more ‘oomph’ behind the snare hits! Tenor Score Click to download this PDF file. English.A complete method for learning to play lead steel drum. Have in mind that these choices are subjective. This song also features a simple groove throughout that helps give this song a lot of energy and movement. You can find some of the greatest feel-good hits on it like “I Can See Clearly Now”, “Jammin”, “La Mamba” and others. 9x12 inches. Double Seconds Click to download this PDF file. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” is one of the man’s most icon songs. Your email address will not be published. Home of GREAT steel pan (steel drum) gifts and accessories. Make sure all the bass drum hits are even and that they sound clean and in time with the music. Keep your dynamics even also, by demonstrating control of your hands and feet to play as evenly as possible. Released in 2010, this album contains 31 modernized steel music tunes, mainly influenced by Jamaican reggae and calypso music. Description: This traditional melody is arranged for solo tenor pan. Your email address will not be published. It’s a really fun song and was one of the first songs I learned to play! They’ve put their unique twist on the original 15 covers and showed great passion and enthusiasm in performing steel pan music. This album is absolutely wonderful for island themed parties or to listen to and dance with any time. It has more bass drum strokes than all the other songs in this list, but you shouldn’t find it overly difficult to achieve with a single bass pedal. Just as it names says, it includes the song “Hot HotHot” as well as 9 other popular covers done in steel drum music style. Every great drummer was once a beginner and didn’t know how to hold drum sticks properly! This is a modern rendition of a steel pan music classic “Steel Drums of Trinidad” album by a band called Jamaican Steel Band. We would like to say thank you by offering a few steel pan arrangements…free of cost. Double Tenor Click to download this PDF file. You can even find some of your favorite songs covered in this style. So keep a positive attitude and remember it might take some time to see significant improvement with your playing. Luckily, there are a lot of easily accessible resources online. Even as … The drums are of course one of the most exciting instruments to learn! Everyone experiences good and bad days, even the best drummers on the planet. This site is intended for informational purposes only. If you like steel drum band music with modern, Jamaican rhythms, then Pirates of the Caribbean Steel Drum Band might be right for you. Enjoy some of the best classic steel music covers recorded with better technology. Even if they are not fans of steel drum music, they will still recognize famous songs and have lots of fun. Although playing steel tongue drums with hands requires techniques and much practice, it is also the most popular way to play them. You can relax and imagine like you are on vacation when playing this 26-track combination of steel drum music covers, including the tracks from bands like The Beatles, Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, and many others. It has been a pleasure sharing with steel pan enthusiasts from around the world. It’s expected that a novice drummer won’t know how to expertly set up a drum set just yet. SteelDrumsForSale.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program Required fields are marked *. From time to time new free steel drum (steel pan) arrangements are added, so keep checking this page. That’s why I made the list of the best steel drum bands I’ve heard so far and the albums with both original and cover songs. It is said that using hands to play puts proper vibrations on the drums. Hi! Michael Jackson – Billie Jean. Style: TraditionalArranger: Gay MagnusLevel: Intermediate. Their self-named album, being also the most successful one, contains 12 great tracks of steel band music. There are so many different ways to play the drums because it’s an activity that requires all of your limbs to play together. Here’s another classic piece of steel drum music by The Carnival Steel Drum Band that will put you in a good mood instantly. Description: This traditional West Indian Christmas carol is arranged for tenor, double tenor, double seconds, cello/guitar and bass pans.

When playing along to beginner drum songs it’s important to remember to focus on your timekeeping, and try not to rush ahead of the beat or slow down as best as possible. Consistency is the key to drumming, and as the drummer you are the glue that holds all the music together. Description: This Bob Marley classic is arranged for tenor, double tenor, double seconds, cello/guitar and bass pans. But do take the time to learn how to set up a drum set properly so that you can play comfortably and with correct posture. When playing beginner drum songs you will want to exercise control across all parts of the drum set.

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