enema only worked a little

Sometimes, we would bend way over, legs spread, and pull up the dress to expose our anuses. Laura had filled the red enema bag and hung it, bulging, at the top section of the coat rack that had been placed by the bed. You'll wake up Uncle Irey.". He nodded his head. "Lay very still, and if the thermometer starts to slide out, let me know.". I probably didn't realize it at the time, but I was definitely hooked on enemas. Billy began to be upset. I just laid there, breathing heavy, staring at the big, full bag hanging above me. She inspected the tubing and fittings, and Billy saw her replace the large douche nozzle with the smaller enema nozzle. I told him the only way he can get rid of those type cards would be to pay me two dollars for each one. How do you think about the answers? Fraulein’s hand would be resting on my bottom, palm down, the thermometer held in place between her fingers, and any movement of her hands sent delicious little messages to my insides. I was unaware during that I had had several orgasms while giving Jonathan his enemas, not to mention pre-cum! "We're going to play a different game today," I remember telling him (Author's note: Though I remember the details vividly, I'm not certain about the dialog, so some of it may or may not be factual. In fact, I had never met a boy who was uncut until I went to high school and saw a few of the older, hairy Italian boys taking showers. After he put down the towel, I told him to sit down on it, which he did. He got the message, and with a giggle, pulled his briefs down to his ankles. THIS IS SO EMBARASSING!" But, at this point, the tubing went directly from my anus to the bag; there was no more tubing left to insert anyway, without taking the bag down. With my left hand, I lifted his upper buttock to expose the pink hole I had seen so many times during the games. “On your side, liebchen,” she would say, and I would roll over onto my left side and draw up my legs, pushing my bottom back towards her. She helped the boy hold his enema by squeezing his buttocks together. She would tell Laura to get her husband to refit Billy with a larger one. It looked just liked Aunt Edna's. Actually, they didn't bother me much at all, 'cept the cramping in my abdomen from the soap. "Okay, lay back," I said, holding on to his back, " and stretch your legs out in front of you. Then I tried to stick in my hole, but it wouldn't go in. At the other end, was a wood cabinet that was also used to store medical supplies, along with towels and other bath linens. Of course, we always had a hard-on when we did that. Instead of putting it away, I proceeded to refill the bag with warm, soapy water. Mom didn't press the issue, and it was left at that. I told Jonathan, while he lay there, about my own enemas and told him he should start giving himself enemas. John, Billy's father, drove into the garage and came into the house via the back door. Fraulein gave me many enemas with that enamel can, for I was often sick. Whenever I felt an urge to go, I would stop the flow, wait till it passed, then start it up again.

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