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1.1% increase in market share by the end of 2011, and topped Chanel N°5, boosted sales worldwide —> No.1 in Italy, No.2 in China, top 10 in UK and US (sales increased by 25.9%). Here’s a list of the 10 best fashion social media campaigns proven by their successful results. They want to get inspired and entertained, or they are looking for valuable information. You can refer back to this goal throughout your campaign, and see where you are in achieving it, or whether the influencer or influencers you partner with have made an impact in achieving it. But these individuals aren’t your typical A-List Hollywood celebrities, as they neither act nor perform, but are known for their huge social media presence and mass number of followers. When preparing your fashion marketing campaign, put your signature piece front and center. PLATFORM: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube. In 2013, Nike designed a. that allows customers to customize their runners according to their Instagram photos. Topshop has transformed drastically over the decade into a cool, affordable high street brand that not only teenagers follow, but also famous fashion bloggers, models, and celebrities. 5 Neglected Marketing Topics: What Should Universities Teach Students? Because for ever pair of shoes bought, the company donates another pair to charity. Uniqlo is a fashion brand known for its classic clothing style that incorporates both fashion and comfort into one. It’s fun how many bloggers start off as social media marketers or essay writers. Chanel N°5’s dominant position in the fragrance market worldwide is unshakable.

Some of these tips will only require some time, while others will work with a small budget or some help from a developer. There are many ways how you can promote your fashion brand or launch a new product, but no matter what you choose, you should always be creative. Apart from announcing new releases, companies may also use their ads to offer promos and discounts to consumers. Grazia also chose to work with this format (sponsored by shoe brand Sorel): Know more about Grazia’s campaign with Sorel >. There was also a lift in awareness in all four countries with a notable 6 point lift in Canada. These actions must be planned in an increasingly strategic way, which is why we’ve compiled the, Too often brands may focus on the reach they are getting but if their post is reaching the wrong audience, niche or community, then it may not be very valuable. Here are some of the most powerful marketing campaigns to ever exist in the world of fashion: An ordinary pair of Christian Louboutin shoes can cost you an average of $495, so you can only imagine the price tag on a Prada or Vera Wang creation. As one of the most followed brands on Instagram with over 10 million followers, it already understands the profitability of launching a campaign on the platform. Think about these three steps for any Fashion PR Pro while you plan your next project, and hopefully, you will be set for success.

Shop LFW’s #LiveTrends here Couples, both same and opposite sex, were asked to enter the contest and share happy photos for a chance to get dressed by Banana Republic for their wedding or other special occasion. The fashion market is a crowded and competitive place. “Topshop is proud of the award-winning, innovative partnerships that have driven the democratisation of London Fashion Week over the last three years, and this season is no different.”, – Sheena Sauvaire, Global Marketing & Communications Director, Topshop, Love @missjourdandunn‘s #leather look at the #TopshopUnique show? Instagram has become one of the platforms people are obsessing over. So many companies and brands are contending for championship that it seems almost impossible to impress your customers with something new.

I was wondering, what are the best basis to use when choosing which influencers to work with? Measure, optimize and connect with the industry’s first Brand Performance Cloud for fashion, luxury and beauty executives. And considering how influential these celebrities are to the younger market, these famous sneakers began flying off the shelves in no time. Eliminate inefficiencies, maximize the availability of your assets and reduce time-to-market. It encourages its followers to customize their trainers and share photos to show how personalized their products are.

The owner of the best photo won a photoshoot and the publication of her picture in Grazia. Social media campaigns are not only limited to fashion, other industries have also found great returns on investments. In this fashion marketing campaign, users were given the chance to send virtual kisses to loved ones online.

_qual_async.push(['createIframe', 'qualifio_insert_place_506301', '', '20', '3C120812-EB25-A6CD-6EF4-274B9925BDCA', '100%', '1200', '', '', '', 'max-width:810px;margin:0 auto;']); Even if you’re not part of the fashion industry, use the Fashion Month as a marketing opportunity to engage your audience.

Let your audience vote for the best look from a collection or between two different fashion designers: Long story short: interactive content has many advantages for fashion brands and media companies alike. No matter what your signature staple piece is, it must have the potential to either become an essential or a fashion classic. The 90 second commercial featured Charlize Theron rushing backstage to prepare for her runway, but amazingly though special effects, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Marlene Dietrich also appeared in the video.

Today, everyone thinks the obvious KOL choices (or the ones you know) are the best way to go, but sometimes in fashion we are a little blind to who our audience really is and what really engages them. Coincidentally, Google reached out to Burberry with its Art, Copy & Code project which explores “new ways in which technology can help build brands in a digital world.”. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2235233, '535443ee-8f98-42d9-93c6-b62148fd22e0', {}); Tom Jager is a professional blogger.

Famous Campaigns is an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns. Pro tip: Add a promo code to the exit screen in order to encourage participants to make a purchase at the end of the test. Just at the start of this month, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson accumulated $54M in MIV for their campaign collaboration which was built up and promoted on both of their channels and platforms. You may also see relationship marketing. Working with influencers to carry out sponsorship deals are often done through social media marketing, where these individuals are encouraged to create blogs or write-ups in an attempt to sell a given brand to the public. The battle is a great format for this kind of event. Affiliate marketing companies like RewardStyle, SkimLinks and LinkShare are monopolizing the paid influencer marketing field, but Fashion PR professionals are still working 24/7 to engage these contacts from the other side of the business (unpaid) and it is critical that the two sides work together for the best possible results. She is just one of the many bloggers who collaborate with Daniel Wellington, a well-known watchmaker brand. “We’ve always been early adopters of digital innovation”, —Lisa Pomerantz, SVP Global Communications & Marketing at MK. Hopefully, by the end of this list of fashion marketing examples, you’ll be able to create a marketing plan tailored to your target audience based on what the experts in the fashion business are currently doing. Have any other tips you think are important when planning?

For example, offering gift certificates and discount coupons for every user subscription is an excellent approach to marketing. These fitting rooms are fully furnished with aesthetically pleasing Victorian-style designs, covered in shades of pink and black. All Rights Reserved. See more, The platform that helps influencers connect with top brands for campaigns & collaborations. One sure way is to create an interactive fashion lookbook. There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day☕️ . SUSTAINABLE FASHION CAMPAIGNS. You can reach him on Facebook. Prior to the air of the actual Super Bowl commercial, H&M ran a grand prize giveaway on Facebook and in stores for a chance to meet David Beckham — the model for H&M’s Bodywear line. No it’s not April Fools Day. Influencer marketing is gaining traction and fashion brands are already taking it seriously. Word of mouth drives sales between 5-200X more than paid media, can yield 5xs more ROI than generic social campaigns, our last annual influencer marketing report. It’s a flourishing network which makes it easy to share visual content, collaborate with others and it can serve as the best promotion for your product if you come up with a unique idea and angle for your profile. Keyhole is a real-time conversation tracker that provides keyword and hashtag analytics for Twitter and Instagram. It encourages its followers to customize their trainers and share photos to show how personalized their products are. They now have over 22 million followers, which makes them one of the most followed fashion brands on Instagram. Hi Emmerey, Thanks for your comment!

Couples, both same and opposite sex, were asked to enter the contest and share happy photos for a chance to get dressed by Banana Republic for their wedding or other special occasion.
The Burberry Kisses Campaign sprinkles “a bit of heart and soul” onto technology. The new generation of genuine influencers has overtaken the fashion marketing throne. They also began designing trousers and blazers using masculine colors to empower women.

Why? See more, Home / Blogs / Public Relations & Digital PR / Fashion PR Pro: 3 Steps to Ensure Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign is a Success. The PhotoiD campaign is arguably one of the most successful campaigns on Instagram. where anyone can send postcards with their own kisses along with personalized messages to anywhere in the world. #BRLove4All @zabackj you will love this! Grabbing this congenital opportunity, fashion brands have all started launching social media campaigns throughout the decade. Copyright © Keyhole 2020.

Dior was not afraid of competition, and decided to step up its game and become number one. Dior was not afraid of competition, and decided to step up its game and become number one. € 600 € 240 Represent your Instagram, web blog, APP, pool, products, e-commerce store or other services to fashion audience via 3 Instagram post + 3 swipe up stories on 8 Instagram accounts with 3,8 million followers base in total: With that being said, it would only make sense to seek inspiration from previous campaign examples to develop your own. Burberry launches its “Singing in the rain” ad whilst teaming up with Marcus Rashford, Lingerie brand creates ‘world’s biggest online fashion show’.
It helps if you already have a Facebook Page with an engaged audience. Why are these people so popular? In 2014, Marc Jacobs launched a social media campaign entitled ‘#CastMeMarc’ that gave fans of the brand the opportunity to be a part of their Autumn/Winter campaign. New York, London, Madrid, Milan or Paris, Fashion Weeks are highly publicised events. Some people might not be ready to buy immediately though.

Through the campaign, Banana Republic became one of the first companies to celebrate marriage equality on the Supreme Court’s ruling in California. Main Menu. When using Instagram for business, be as creative as you can be.

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