feminine foods in french

Are There Really Masculine and Feminine Foods? Note: in France, menu prices include a 15% service charge. slices of day-old bread or brioche dipped in an egg batter and sautéed in butter until golden. (f) cheese fondue, made with white wine and cheeses from Savoie, a region on the French side of the Alps. (adj) stuffed, as in “stuffed zucchini”, not “I’m stuffed” (that would be j’ai assez mangé, I’ve had enough, or j’ai trop mangé, I’ve eaten too much). Sometimes also used to mean potato, short for pomme de terre, as in pommes sarladaises, pommes sautées, pommes frites, pommes dauphines, etc. (m) a spongy yeast cake soaked with rum syrup, often served with whipped cream. (m) blue cheese from Auvergne, a mountain range in the center of France. The term is now used, more broadly, for traditional restaurants that are larger than bistros and offer a longer menu served around the clock (choucroute, grilled meat, shellfish platters, etc.). (m) a sweet, whipped sauce flavored with wine. All rights reserved. In French, all nouns have a gender—they are either masculine or feminine. (f) an oval plum with purple skin and green flesh. Learn more ». (m) tip. Une planète is feminine, as are all planets: Traditionnellement, les noms des corps célestes étaient de genre masculin, sauf ceux qui étaient composés d’un déterminant féminin ou dont le nom était celui d’un personnage féminin de la mythologie. Non raffiné means unrefined — whole (for flour) or raw (for sugar). (m) blowtorch; can be used to caramelize the sugar topping on crèmes brûlées. Literally: square. (m) a grilled sandwich of cheese and ham, sometimes topped with a béchamel sauce. Haricot vert = green bean, haricot blanc = white bean, haricot rouge = red bean. (m) an orange-flavored liqueur. (f) salt cod mashed with olive oil and milk until smooth; sometimes made with potatoes, too; a specialty from Provence. Literally: coconut rock/boulder. (m) a honey spice cake, litterally “spice bread”. (f) choux pastry. A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 | C1    Find your level. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. (f) corn starch. a chestnut that is cooked in several baths of sugar syrup until meltingly tender. (f) a no-bake dessert in which the mold is lined with ladyfingers, then filled with layers of fruit, and layers of custard or fromage blanc. (f) a farm-inn, i.e. (f) lamb’s lettuce, i.e. (m) the liver from a fatted duck or goose. (f) thick, slightly sour cream, that doesn’t curdle when heated (it’s the fat content, you see…). Also: a general term for the drinks and savory nibbles served before dinner. (f) a flaky pastry dough made with flour, butter, eggs, and, if it is to be used for a sweet preparation, sugar. (m) a small almond cake shaped like a gold ingot. (f) a heavy (most often cast-iron) pot with a lid. You can also choose to be notified when a new post is published.

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