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Fords London Dry Gin, 45% Alc/Vol.

All told, there was a lot more to spirit production than the founders had ever realised; Ford told listeners at the London Sessions in February 2016 that despite having worked as Director of Trade Marketing at Pernod Ricard, he realised in doing this project that he knew nothing of the economic side – he’d never even considered it in it’s totality, so the learning curve was cruelly steep. Fords Gin Negroni The ultimate Italian aperitivo. Instead, everything the quintet had, was poured into the business and though their ideas were conceptually brilliant, problems kept arising. Fifty Pounds: a smooth discovery . It’s not all that easy to find in shops yet, but most specialist retailers will have it and many would enjoy drinking it! Receive 10% off on Gin Kiosk when you sign up too!

Stir well. Check out our popular trivia games like Brand Logos Quiz #1, and Brand Logos Quiz #2 Please Cocktail Responsibly.Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Nutrition They’re plant-based flavoring agents such as coriander (spicy), angelica root (earthy), dried citrus peels (fruity), caraway seeds, aniseed, cocoa, almonds, vanilla and many more. Fords Gin is then shipped to Charbay Distillery in California, where it is cut to 45% ABV with water taken from a well in Mendocino County. Read reviews that our past customers have left about their ordering and gifting experience. *Spend $100, Get $20 off Your Next Order! Exclusions apply. The Fords Gin Co., Louisville, KY. Add orange liqueur and club soda. Aviation Gin THE BOTANIST Monkey 47 Malfy Gin Tanqueray FEW Gin Bluecoat Gin NOLET'S Beefeater Hendrick's All Gin NEW & LIMITED New Releases Limited Editions Celebrity Gin Brands GIN GIFTS Custom Engraved Gin Glassware Accessories Corporate Gifts BY PRICE Under $100 $100 to $200 $200 to $500 $500 and up

Juniper gives gin its strong and refreshing herbal profile, but adding other botanicals allows producers to design an unlimited number of gin flavors.

Please Cocktail Responsibly. Garnish with orange slice. The gin is a flavoursome affair whose sippable nature belies its 45% ABV.

The cassia adds a warming spice on the finish and the overall impression is that of a traditional, “ginny” Gin.

Sometimes he indulged our ambitions but he never said ‘I told you so’ which was very nice of him.”. Downloads. Best price on The 86 Company gin at Ace Spirits. For the way that most people drink their gin. As a “gin guru” with over 20 years of experience in the drinks business, Simon Ford found himself having countless conversations with fellow bartenders about the need for a go-to cocktail gin — a “Jack of All Trades”.

*Spend $100, Get $20 off Your Next Order! Perhaps the biggest sucker punch was when American labelling authority TTB rescinded their labelling approval at the eleventh hour.

Please do not share or forward this content with anyone under the legal drinking age.

Once the stills are turned on, distillation takes 5 hours, producing 200 litre batches per run. Fords Gin is THE COCKTAIL GIN, created with the input of the world’s best bartenders.

Under the deal, Brown-Forman will acquire the Fords Gin trademark, as well as other assets of The 86 Company. Why? Fords Gin is a collaboration between 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers and Simon Ford of The 86 Company. Code: BUYANDSAVE. To find out more about responsible consumption, visit and

A true industry veteran, it was in 2007 that Ford, along with Malte Barnekow, former marketing director at Absolut US, cooked up the idea for The 86 Co.


FIFTY POUNDS. *For a limited time, receive a $20 off promo code when you spend $100 or more, excluding tax and shipping.

As simple as all that sounds and a certain as they were that their idea was great, The 86 Co.’s tale isn’t one of overnight success; there was no instant fix nor immediate applause.

The gin is a flavoursome affair whose sippable nature belies its 45% ABV.

Code will be emailed to you after your order is placed.

Out of this experience, Ford’s Gin arose. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass, fill with ice and stir until well chilled.

Fords Gin is a collaboration between 8th generation master distiller Charles Maxwell and gin expert Simon Ford.

Multi award-winning London Dry Gin designed for mixing by professional bartenders.

Professional bartenders are quite often the Peter Pan’s of their urban dwellings.

I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Exclusions apply. Fords London Dry Gin, 45% Alc/Vol.

Learn More Fords Gin’s botanical mix is juniper-forward , … It’s also a gin that works well with both lemon and lime citrus cocktails and has a really nice oil content for Martini’s.”.

By using this site you acknowledge you are at least 21 years old and you agree to our Terms & Conditions. The result is a London Dry Gin that spans the centuries and allows us the liberty to describe Fifty Pounds Gin as historic in essence, modern in spirit.

Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube.

Please do not share or forward this content with anyone under the legal drinking age. Fords "Dry Gin" Logo. Good Spirits Delivered.

Cocktail Lounge Fords Gin Fords Gin is THE COCKTAIL GIN, created with the input of the world’s best bartenders.

© The 86 Company. This trade focus goes further too, in 2015, the team launched a limited edition bottling in green glass (same gin, just different glass colour) and packed one green bottle in every case of Fords Gin being sold. A modern twist on a classic style of gin.

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