how to toast bread in microwave

How to Toast Bread in a Microwave. Step 2. 1. Just follow the following steps: Step 1: preheat the oven to 200 C. Step 2: you would need convection + grill combination to toast your bread. Crumple up a paper towel or two and lay your bread on that. on Introduction. Keep about 1/2 inch between the slices so the entire surface area of the bread can be heated. Insert the plate into the microwave and close the door. Toast in Microwave. Step 1. Plug in and preheat the toaster oven on low-to-medium heat -- if pre-heating is necessary -- for use in Step 3. My microwave oven has a power setting. Remove the bread when the timer "dings." Place your bread slices on the paper towel. Toast is one of the most simple breakfast items you can make. Step 1: Get Your Bread and a Paper Towel. Keep about 1/2 inch between the slices so the entire surface area of the bread can be heated. 5 years ago 1 year ago Keep it low – We microwave on low to medium power – 30 to 50% – for about a minute. Making Toast With Only a Microwave. Then, assuming it's still soft at end, add maybe 30 seconds. Keilholtz is published in publications such as Raw Story and Z-Magazine, and also pens political commentary under a pseudonym, Maryann Mann. Warm the bread on low-to-medium heat for 15 to 25 seconds. Jeffery Keilholtz began writing in 2002. 5 years ago Place two to four slices of bread on a microwave-safe plate. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Article Summary X. Close the door. Open the toaster oven door. If you don’t have a fire pit available … on Introduction. on Step 3. Depending on your microwave, you will be able to put up to four pieces on the plate at a time. Place two to four slices of bread on a microwave-safe plate. Share it with us! Use a plate with a rim. Did you make this project? Avoid repeating this process with the same bread to prevent sogginess. Set the toaster oven timer for one to three minutes. Step 3: flip over and cook the other side for 2-3 min or until brown. Toasting bread in a microwave is an expeditious way to prepare multiple pieces of warm bread at one time. The toaster oven gives the warm bread a crunch. Get a price of bread and a paper towel (optional) Ask Question. Step 1. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Pick up each piece of bread with a pair of tongs and place them into the oven. Step 2: Place in Microwave. Press the “Start” button on the keypad. 2 years ago The most important thing to remember when you’re making toast in the microwave is not to overcook the bread. on Introduction. Pull your toast from the microwave after the 30 seconds and apply more time if needed. Step 3: 30 Seconds. If you undercook it, it's still chewy. He started freelancing in college for local publications in Boone, N.C. and is continuing his career through online freelancing with a specialization in affiliate marketing, blogging and SEO. Step 3. Making Toast on a Campfire Find a safe place to start your fire. Question Charles Poole holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from Appalachian State University. The trick is to use the device in conjunction with a toaster oven.

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