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Brad QUESTION: What were the running shoes that the guys in DEVGRU wore on the Bin-Laden raid? 4:08 pm, Thank you brad for answering the questions about going out on a mission, Logan Wilkins QUESTION: What do you think of the Aimpoint vs ACOG or EOTech? I personally used a Casio g-shock watch back in the day and it was a cheap go to for other Frogmen. I mean what shall be at the bottom and what should be at the top, in SEALS way. If you were going 3 days in the jungle you may carry a small shelter/tarp for 2 men. I figured they were for fixing stuff. The Team Elite knife is constructed with AUS8 steel and a glass-reinforced nylon handle. The Böhler N690 steel blade also has a window breaker and handcuff cutters if you find yourself in a bind. Year: 1960 However, if you’re in the jungle you may simply wrap a green T-shirt around your head and dunk it in water to keep cool. 1:52 pm. Head gear is all mission dependent—but kind of fun to see what guys can come up with. Brad Dear Brad, 8:55 am. MP7A1…used often? September 26, 2016 @ 2:57 pm. It gained more popularity in 1981 thanks to the cult classic film The Road Warrior, the popular sequel to Mad Max. Jim johnson All of the guys will usually carry an M4 tricked out with an ACOG, Aimpoint or EOtech and light. Probably the most elegant blade on this list, the Sheffield Fairbairn-Sykes British Commando Dagger started its tour of duty in WWII. I would use a bug net under the hat to keep the mosquitoes off me while laying up at a site or talking on the radio. February 3, 2015 @ October 29, 2015 @ By Maxim … August 9, 2017 @ Type of Steel: CPM S30V steel Brad Type of Steel: Böhler N690 steel I carried a radio and batteries in my pack so that would take up some room. A Daily Workout Routine with 4 Phases: Strength, Power, Endurance and Mental Toughness. It meets the requirements to be worthy of the elite unit and is still being used today. September 28, 2015 @ December 15, 2015 @ September 13, 2016 @ They’re just a couple of his funniest/craziest moments while he was on a mission. Brad there is not as much hand to hand taught as you would think — more emphasis is put on shooting. And for the knife i found an Ontario mk3 navy knife, is that the same that the seals use? Hey Brad, I was wondering what kind of handguns/secondary weapons you used when you were in the seal? BOB Brad The blade of a ballistic knife can be fired with the push of a button and travel about five meters at around 40mph, just in case a Spetsnaz soldier isn’t able to chase down the enemy. 12:58 pm. It has a 154CM single-edged blade and a G10 handle all finished in black. Here’s our review of the Rothco and Mechanix gloves. the heaviest would go highest in the pack in between my shoulder blades. JJ When I went camping on the Appalachian trail with him, he made fun of my gear. 8:51 pm, We would carry MREs (meals ready to eat) – yummy, Chris August 25, 2016 @ Blade Length: 7 inches. 8:39 pm. ANSWER: We are a bit biased and suggest: Freak Frogman Workouts by SEAL Grinder PT Founder Brad McLeod Former Navy SEAL. Schance I’m a boys scout almost eagle and I have a backpacking Campout that is a week long . You could use old clothes or a yoga block in the bottom of the pack to fill up that area.

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