largest cities in africa

Kano is the economic center of northern Nigeria. It has a population of 4.434 million. This city was founded as early as 969 AD, and it has a lot of histories related to it. Crime levels in Luanda are classified as critical by OSAC, with threats coming from gangs and cybercriminals. It has Africa’s largest port. But petty crimes like pickpocketing or purse grabs happen. It is equivalent to 10% of Ghana’s GDP. Figures for administrative areas are also given. This is a list of the largest urban agglomerations in Africa. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa with a population of 4.4 million. Kano acts as a regional trade center that serves as a market for over 300 million people. The 540 square-kilometer urban area of Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital city and commercial hub. Still, poverty is high in the city. Crime is also a problem in the city. It has an average annual gross domestic product of $29.38 billion. The United States' Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) gives it a crime rating of critical. Last census in 1984. With the discovery of an outcrop of a gold reef on the farm Langlaagte in 1886 by George Harrison, Johannesburg was established and controlled by a Health Committee. Textile and food processing, iron and steel production, consumer good production, etc., are some of the top job-creating sectors in the city. Lagos Stat… Johannesburg is also a continental financial hub hosting major world banks and Africa’s largest stock in Sandton. Crime levels are high in slums like Kibera and Mathare where incomes are low. It has a population of 3.4 million. 12% of the city's population over 15 years old has higher education compared to 8.1% in the rest of the country. This rail service is first of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa. The city accounts for 18% of national employment, 52% of secondary and tertiary urban employment, and 50% of the country’s GDP. Unlike other states dependent on oil revenues, Lagos has a diversified economy with prosperous manufacturing, transport, construction, service, wholesale, and retail sectors. About 55 % of Angolans live on less than one U.S. dollar a day. Crime levels are relatively low in the capital due to the presence of police some in plain clothes., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 22:59. Poverty is rife in the slums on the city’s periphery. By James Karuga on June 3 2019 in World Facts. The average growth rate of Accra’s population from 2000 to 2010 was 3.1%. Accra is largely safe but there are cases of muggings on beaches and crowded places, and pickpocketing in markets. The below is the ranking of largest urban agglomerations in Africa. As a port city, Durban handles more cargo than other South African ports. Lagos is a core financial center in Africa with the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. The city is a vibrant hub of manufacturing, retail, technology, fashion, and service sectors like hotels. Cairo is Egypt’s economic hub with two-thirds of the country’s GDP generated in the greater metropolitan section. However, the city has a problem of crimes like mugging, purse snatching, pickpocketing, armed robberies, and burglaries. According to a World Bank report, 70% of Dar es Salaam's residents live on about a dollar a day in informal, unplanned settlements which lack proper roads, water, and proper sanitation facilities. From 2001 to 2011, the population increased by 3.18%. It has a population of over 20.4 million. It is the 7th fastest growing city in the world. The 818 square mile Abidjan City is the economic capital of Ivory Coast. Abidjan is Ivory Coast’s hub of industrialization and urbanization. 2012 unofficial estimate. Population: Lagos boasts of an estimated metro population of over 21 million people which is larger than the population of so many countries in Africa, especially northern Africa. Cairo is also a vibrant hub of tourism, commerce, finance, and government services. The largest city in Africa by size is without a doubt Cairo, which has a metropolitan area of 17.267 square kilometers. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The population grows at an annual rate of 2 to 3 %. The city hosts the country’s busiest seaport off the Atlantic Ocean coast. Lagos City in Lagos State is Nigeria’s largest city and its economic capital. Cairo is not only the largest African city by land mass, but it is also a very popular African city. In recent years, Luanda has gained a reputation as one of the most expensive cities. Last census was in 1984. That is because in some cities the infrastructure that is existing dates back to the European Colonial Era on the continent. However, if you look at the population, then Lagos in Nigeria is the largest city in Africa with 21 million inhabitants. It is also used to import iron, steel, machinery, flour, and coal. Accra is the country’s main commercial, manufacturing, technology, transport, innovation, and communications hub. That effect is exposing these populations to poor living conditions and susceptibility to prospective illnesses and vices. Poor governance, poverty, and unregulated migration cause security issues in the city. It houses South Africa’s constitutional court, and it is a major finance center in the country. Lagos City in Lagos State is Nigeria’s largest city and its economic capital. Agriculture, growing population, and rapid urbanization are some of the factors increasing the water needs in Alexandria. It was established in 2013. 43% of the population lives in abject poverty in this city. Furthermore, it ranks among the top 15 busiest cities in … Luanda has the highest annual growth in population in Africa. Annually there are about 28.2 murders per 100,000 people in the city. It is a hub of commerce, technology, industry, and finance in East and Central Africa. In the slums, drug trafficking, prostitution, and Islamic radicalization occur posing a threat to Casablanca's tranquility as a whole. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s hub for industry, education, and economy. Durban is a port city in Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa. Due to a shortage of accommodation facilities in the capital, hotel and rental charges are very high. Kano is the capital city of Kano State in northern Nigeria. Johannesburg is among the most dangerous cities in the world in terms of crime and homicide. A study by US’s Demographia Consultancy, reports the population of Mogadishu is annually growing at a rate of 6.9%. A study by the University of Ontario – Institute of Technology (UOIT) reports that the population of Abidjan grows by 2.83% annually.

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