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The lake occupies an area of 7,935 square km and holds 204 cubic kilos of water. The lake has a maximum depth of 407 feet and holds 49 cubic miles of water. Lake Athabasca is the largest lake in Alberta and the eighth largest in Canada. Lake Athabasca contains 23 species of fish, with a world record lake trout of 46.3 kg (102 lb) caught from its depths in 1961 by means of a gillnet. The maximum length of Lake Athabasca (from east to west) is 283 km, while the maximum width is 50 km. In the 1976 field season work in the Key Lake area was instrumental in demonstrating the association between the deposits, graphitic pelitic gneisses forming the basal unit of the Aphebian Wollaston Group, and the sub-Athabasca Group unconformity. While the lake has an average and maximum depth of 20 m and 124 m, respectively, the Alberta side of the lake is considerably shallower, with a maximum depth of 16 m (Prepas and Mitchell 1990). Athabasca is a large freshwater lake in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, between 58 ° and 60 ° northern latitude.The lake has a glacial-tectonic origin [1], covers an area of 7850 km² and has a maximum depth of 124 m.Its length is 330 km and a width of 10 to 50 km, it is the largest and deepest lake in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the eighth largest in Canada. Much of the land along its banks is protected in national and provincial parks, and the river is designated a Canadian Heritage River for its historical and cultural importance. A history of Fort Chipewyan: Alberta's oldest continuously inhabited settlement. 74% of the lake is within Saskatchewan’s territory and the remaining is part of Alberta. Approximately 30% of the lake lies within Alberta and the remainder is located in Saskatchewan. lake region area km 2 depth m; Amisk Lake: Beaver River Region: 5.15: 60: Baptiste Lake: Peace and Athabasca Region: 9.81: 27.5: Battle Lake: North Saskatchewan Region Lake Athabasca is a fly-in lake meaning the only way to get there is by plane. The Athabasca River (French: Rivière Athabasca) is a river in Alberta, Canada, which originates at the Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park and flows more than 1,231 km (765 mi) before emptying into Lake Athabasca. Lake Athabasca is a 1,939,776-acre lake with a maximum depth of 410 feet making it the largest and deepest lake in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Located in Saskatchewan’s northwest corner and Alberta’s northeast corner, Lake Athabasca is the eighth largest lake in Canada. It is located along the border with Saskatchewan, south of the Northwest Territories. It has a maximum length of 176 miles, a maximum width of 31 miles, and covers an area of 3,030 square miles. Lake Athabasca.

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