maid of blood

Not only do they connect with the people around them but they are very invested in their worlds. They are usually the type to try leading the group and pride themselves on being the leader but this can often make them competitive and prone to impulsive actions.

Often times, you can find a Blood player reading, documenting, photographing, watching, understanding and learning about everything they can about their world and, by extension, other worlds and how they connect to the big picture.

blood to create. Someone that She is quick to call out bad manners faster for the boys and (if you give her a cookbook) is very reluctant to let a boy hang out with her and the rest of the girls. If it doesn’t, start the. They help connect people to each other so they can work together and form proper bonds. She's interested in the world she's in and likes to save pictures on her camera for it. BIG MASSIVE WICKED SPOILER ALERT FOR DRA:GD.

stick together through their session. I Hiyoko is obviously heartbroken and distraught after executing Mahiru's killer but after eventually forgiving Fuyuhiko, she claims that she is actually trying to change herself for the better... even if it's not immediantly obvious.

them a lot more blood to work with and create from. Maid: One who creates (aspect) or one who creates with (aspect) for themselves. At their best, Maids are the causes of the greatest miracles and they shine in paving the roads to the session’s victory. It's where your interests connect you with your people. On a larger scale she might be able to provide unity and connections between people. powers are to help form bonds between people. Join the community. Making sure their team is stable and solid so they can In It's a sad fate but thankfully, her legacy lived on not for own character arc but instead in Hiyoko and Fuyuhiko. Slam dunk the Pogs and grab the grey paint. would put Evangelion to shame. Eventually, Hajime helps her believe in herself and even gives her the courage to take a selfie because that's what friends are for. She is compassionate and caring and sincerely wants everyone to get along, she plans the events to bring her friends closer together and therefore creates a stronger bond. It's blissful and it clearly means a lot to her to see others happy. arms to grab the opponent and throw them away or maybe even pick

There's also a point to be made about her talent, Ultimate Photographer. In the end, she dies under Blood. Mahiru has joined them all together without anyone really knowing. Chiaki even calls their bonding 'splendid'. Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. I love messing with Blood colours. 14.

They may come off as aggressive about their beliefs and are very confident in them, though they may be open to argue about the topic if they like you.

She's a little lenient towards the girls in the group, claiming she prefers to take pictures of girls every day and only once every three days for boys. Into Homestuck And Hiveswap? Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Tagged with. The But for those who aren't satisfied, I'll elaborate a little. They thrive off of social interactions and connections with others. This concludes my analysis on Mahiru Koizumi. She says she wants to make amends, to fix what Blood has been spilt with something stronger. Because of this, they may be perfectionists or hide their insecurities about their talents or hobbies. The Maid of Blood just all around sounds like a very nice person.

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