molokai leper colony 2020

David and I spent two nights on the island of Molokai in 2003.

Loved the photos too, just beautiful. Mar 31, 2020 Quarantined for Life: The Tragic History of US Leprosy Colonies Stripped of their most basic human rights, patients nonetheless built lives and communities. History, science, it all repeats itself again. This is truly one of the best Kalaupapa stories I have read (and there have been many).

You can only visit with a guided tour run by Damien Tours LLC.

I have been to Molokai and Maui and I am in Honolulu now.

( Log Out /  Today, about 14 former patients still remain in Kalaupapa.

It took 2 hours to get down and the hardest part was holding on and not panicking around the narrow turns. Most areas of the world dealt with the scourge of leprosy by locking off the victims of the disease to quarantined colonies, where they were separated from the rest of the population and basically sent to languish and wither away to die. Thanks for sharing this interesting history. He brought law and order to the colony, where there was rampant crime. The oldest skeleton found with physical indicators of Hansen’s disease is from India and was dated to 4000 years ago Moving forward in time, archaeologists have also found many written records that describe the symptoms. I and my family had the pleasure of staying at the ranch just before it closed. Father Damien was an inspiration to us all.

Shrouded by 2,000-foot sea cliffs on Molokai’s fertile Kalaupapa Peninsula, Kalaupapa transitioned from an ancient Hawaiian fishing village to one of the most well-known leper colonies on the planet (and prompting Jack London to write a searing account of his visit). The photos you have shared are beautiful, thanks. I have been reading reviews and trying to get through to a couple of the tour agencies that are licensed to do the tours.

Others have no connection to the site or the event, but happen to be there as tourists and visit those places as part of their sightseeing.” –Independent Traveler. In the past and even today, people with Hansen’s disease are unfairly judged and ridiculed.

Hope you are well! Back in the year 1865, the Hawaiian Islands were hit by an epidemic of Hansen’s disease, also more commonly called leprosy. The rich, or those who could afford, Molokai Leper Colony (photo from Atlas Obscura). Will never forget the pleasure we had of the mule ride down the switchbacks to the leper colony. The problem was that many had nowhere to go as the knowledge and stigma about the disease was slow to reach the public and sadly few had any place to go even when they could. Archaeologists believe Hansen’s disease got to the Americas due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

It was nice to see actual pictures of the place. and sharing the beautiful waters with a group of dolphins, as well as so many spectacular species of fish ! The term “tragic tourism” is certainly apt and I appreciated the link to the Independent Traveler piece. I was intrigued to learn more, but first we had to get there and that’s not easy. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We are going to spend a week on Molokai in February. Kalapapa is an idyllic place. And it makes me wonder what things our society are doing now that we will look back in 50 years and think are ludicrous. Only time will tell. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Others have an intellectual or cultural interest — to understand what happened, or connect the tragedy to other historical events. If you have a chance I highly recommend the trip although when we went he ferry was very old and had old Greyhound seats and a most disgusting little bathroom on it – that part was yucky. This plot of remote land is where most of the patients came to live out their lives and most likely perish. He took us all over the place, and gave us a really good insight of the place; historically, culturally, geographically, religiously and socially. Required fields are marked *, Compare Boats • Molokini History • Molokini Dive Spots • Maui Harbor Maps • Things to do in Maui, Compare Boats • Molokini History • Molokini Dive Spots  Maui Harbor Maps • Things to do in Maui, ©2001-2020 | HWG | Contact. Apparently many lay people went to help at Kalaupapa and he was the only one who contracted the disease. Don’t know if that item on my bucket list will ever get fulfilled but it’s a dream of mine. I hope we don’t get to that with COVID-19. After years of public purgatory, a mixture of antibiotics created in the 1940’s was found as the cure, and after that there was no more real need to isolate. I was fortunate enough to visit the settlement a few times 10 years ago, when there were about 18 patients still living there by choice. The doctor reported it to the authorities (as required by law) and they showed up at her door to tell her the news and to pick her up to take her to Kalaupapa. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd, Ancient Galaxy Found Hidden in the Milky Way, The Weird Alien Encounter of Jose Antonio Da Silva. Very beautiful blue water. What wonderful, warm, loving people they were and they were so grateful that we could do something for their wonderful nuns.

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