moving eye portrait

No need to search for paintings on line only to find the resolution is too low for printing.

And the middle portion should be wide enough to cover your eye holes.) All the downloads here are at 300 ppi for printing, not the 72 ppi of computer screens. The Pingpong ball is cut in half, and the Iris painted on the *inside* of the hemisphere. Two tubes to wrap the thin wire around. From your computer, go to the Rijks Museum website create an account and download the image you'd like to use. With some sticky tape, stick down the coils and the resistor to the picture. haha! They will hold the "I" piece in place.

So of course, we had to make a Halloween-themed cardboard craft. When you need to glue paper to card or board. Now hang it on the wall and freak people out! Don't worry which way around you get these, as we can change direction in the software later. 5. They will hold the "I" piece in place. Use my template, or cut out your own rectangle and draw a frame and a portrait. But I am not understanding what makes the eyes seem to follow you as you walk by. Spraymont the printout to the other material and get cutting. Can you elaborate on this part? The only issue is the amount of clearance between the frame we've used and the wall, ping pong balls would have to be cut at quite a shallow angle. This would be hilarious to freak out my dad! So of course, we had to make a Halloween-themed cardboard craft. This will need to have eyes just smaller than the diameter I think I'd be able to stand moving eyes on a different portrait to be honest! About: Making is like Baking....the more you do it the better you get at it. If I ever come accross a set of these lights of a natural white color I could exchange them.

This part can take a little bit of time to get right as the magnets and coils need to be positioned correctly. Move them gently left and right to work out the furthest the card should be able to move. This kind of carnaval trick has been around alot longer than Disney. 3. Watch video: printable templates: how to make: see more: Related Post. same concave swapped for convex eye illusion. Then, cut out the eye holes. for 11" x 17" size Secure the business card with the eyes, by sticking another business card over the top and attaching this to the guide rails. One coil should be connected to M1+ and M1- on the PicoBorg Reverse, the other coil should be connected to M2+ and M2-. Oh, yeah. Use my template, or cut out your own rectangle and draw a frame and a portrait. Try and use resistors that have a higher wattage rating eg. The spookier the better. We've put together the Raspberry Pi powered moving eye picture which can be controlled independently or using the Raspberry Pi camera.

Make sure your DPF fits inside the frame, you want it to press against the back side of the canvas. The portrait's width should fit inside the shape. The reason for lighting the eyes is to make them come alive! A couple of small squares of card. For this example I used what I had to It looks best if you hang it on an interior wall where there might be room for a person behind it(like the outside of a closet wall). Also if you are using it, attach the Raspberry Pi camera to the Raspberry Pi. You will need. Put safely to one side. Although it changes the look of the portrait, it does give a nice evil look. I had to adjust my position in order for the light intensity to be suitable to the light from the rest of the room infront of the painting. 5 years ago We love a good cardboard craft! Creepy, right? Make sure your face stays the same distance from the camera between shots. Reply,,, White Ping pong balls (table tennis balls) €1.30, Image processing software such as Photoshop. The coils need to be attached to the picture. Mine was 6 3/8'' x 4 3/4''. ).

You just need a cereal box and a few other materials to make this cute and easy Halloween craft! By iiswhoiam in Living Halloween. Take some pictures of your face with your eyes looking in a different direction on each picture. And if you don't have all the tools that I have I bet you have something that'll do the job just as well ;) Perhaps you've never used 3M Spraymount. Think of how if you're walking or driving the sun follows you. where the eyes of the face cards (king, queen, and jack) moved. Follow this Instructable and make any painting look like there is somebody lurking behind it watching the room! Now of course if it were a bunch of creatures in a darkened forest: owls and snakes and foxes for example. 9. made a mount to hold the picture that would fit the frame. Push your moving "I" piece all the way to the right. My girlfriend Rebecca did this part so I'll let her explain it: I lined up the digital picture frame behind the painting, so I can see where the cut out eyes appear on the screen. Powered by, DIY Faux Stained Glass (using Mod Podge and Fabric paint), Weaving Cute Baby Turtles Using God's Eye Weaving Pattern, Gorgeous Accordion Fold Fall Paper Leaf Banner, Calder-Inspired Sculptures (and our 20+ favorite art books! Hot Glue gun Sharp Knife (Xacto or similar) Black Permanent Marker . CHRISTMAS TREE. Download Favorite.

They need to be central, and approximately the right distance apart. Think I'll do a portrait of ME to hang in my classroom.

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Ball, Foamboard (board with Don't know what to do next, but there's a warp thing like when you cut the bloodmoon. And I may still do that. We love a good cardboard craft! When you're ready take it to the printers for a good quality full color laser print. Wrap the wire tightly around the tubes to form a coil. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! Very simple yet very Carefully cut the eyes out of your chosen print. Don: at its most basic, this illusion works because the iris and pupil of the eye are situated behind the hole defined by the perimeter of the eyelids.

The ‘Malevolent Madam’ is just one of the three feuding family portraits that make up the UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration Collection. The picture wire was attached lower than normal so it would hang the top away from the wall a bit, giving space for the protruding ping pong balls on back. It works as a great mock-up version to make sure everything is in place, it works as a practice run and you can see the reall size of the pupils and irises that you'll need to have.You see, with the cut outs on the mock-up print you can start positioning the cut outs for the backing of the picture frame and not worry about damaging your good print. I'm no artist and all we seemed to have laying around was magnolia wall paint and we added a red biro just to up the evil rating. Set up your camera on a tripod or other solid object so it won't move between pictures. Glue each half of the ball on the The coil was wrapped tightly from one end to the other then back again over the first layer. Sharpies or other felt tip markers colors. Now let's draw our eyes. What you see in the video here is my testing the effect of back lighting the eyeballs. What IS important is the distance between the hole (the top or front layer) and the recessed layer with the iris/pupil, the gap is usually equal to or less than the diameter of the iris in the image used. Yes. 2 cardboard pieces (Your 2 pieces should be longer than the middle part of the "I" cardboard. We have not yet finished writing the instructions for using the PicoBorg Reverse software for this project. Materials required: Lift the resistors off the picture so that if it gets hot they don't burn the picture. The balls measure 4 cms diameter (1 1/2 inches) so cutting it in half you'll have 2 cms (3/4 inch) tall half spheres. The eyes of the portrait appear to follow you wherever you go! Hope you enjoy this quick last-minute Halloween craft! (In fact, I even wrote a series of cardboard craft books a few years back!) Use the eyeholes from the picture to line up where your eyes should be stuck on the card. By using the stop time and invert in the skull painting room with the moving eyeball, the painting will open.

Another option was a strip led system that could be dimable but would probably have a power cable sticking out. I tried cutting these with a craft knife but it was tricky and I felt like I was going to have an accident at any moment. Then it is glued behind the picture (which has holes cut out for the iris's to show through) with the inside (side with the painted Iris) towards the viewer. Draw 2 eyes.

:) Have you ever seen those spooky portraits? Using a black Sharpie colour in around where you have just cut out the eyes. Be sure the eyes can freely move left and right, and that it doesn't get caught on anything. You need very little to make this fun project.

Get It 3D Printed All3DP is an editorially independent publication. I had to carve out the backing board a little to make it fit. Then give it a little bit more so that the board won't be visible at all. For my full disclosure policy, click here. here Leave a small amount of wire dangling at the ends of the coil. More . 4 years ago. Share it with us! This works because there is now space between the flat picture and the painted Iris. It looks like it was painted on the inside of the ping pong ball. Here You can find some demos and explanations:,, The resolutions here are really, really good. This could be pens, or similar plastic cylinders. For my full disclosure policy, click here. Use a similar technique on a pumpkin for Halloween!

The other fault I see is the colour of the light is too yellow. Very simple yet very effective.

I cut the good half of the ping pong ball down to about 3/16" , from top to bottom(top of dome to flat edge). Move them gently left and right to work out the furthest the card should be able to move. IMHO the irises for RayP24's project here are a tad undersized, allowing you to see the entire iris, which is what gives rise to the portrait's rather intense hypnotic gaze (most people do not walk around with their eyes wide open, exposing their full iris). Some hookup wire for connecting the coils and battery to the PicoBorg Reverse. To be extra sure, carve out the holes at a bevel with the craft knife so that the edges are not seen either.

Position it so the bottom edge lines up with you mark and then screw it in place.

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