odyssey book 10

Od. Lo, thy comrades yonder in the house of Circe are penned like swine in close-barred sties. But when she had sworn, and made an end of the oath, then I went up to the beautiful bed of Circe. [229] “So he spoke, and they cried aloud, and called to her. Thence we sailed on, grieved at heart. For it was through this man's folly that they too perished.’, [439] “So he spoke, and I pondered in heart, whether to draw my long sword from beside my stout thigh, and therewith strike off his head, and bring it to the ground, near kinsman of mine by marriage though he was; but my comrades one after another sought to check me with gentle words: `O thou sprung from Zeus, as for this man, we will leave him, if thou so biddest, to abide here by the ship, and to guard the ship, but as for us, do thou lead us to the sacred house of Circe.’, [446] “So saying, they went up from the ship and the sea. There a man who never slept could have earned a double wage, one by herding cattle, and one by pasturing white sheep; for the out goings of the night and of the day are close together. When Circe shall smite thee with her long wand, then do thou draw thy sharp sword from beside thy thigh, and rush upon Circe, as though thou wouldst slay her. To him even in death Persephone has granted reason, that he alone should have understanding; but the others flit about as shadows.’, [496] “So she spoke, and my spirit was broken within me, and I wept as I sat on the bed, nor had my heart any longer desire to live and behold the light of the sun. Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. But my comrades meanwhile began to speak one to another, and said that I was bringing home for myself gold and silver as gifts from Aeolus, the great-hearted son of Hippotas. Nay, with these that are here let us flee with all speed, for still we may haply escape the evil day.’, [270] “So he spoke, but I answered him, and said: `Eurylochus, do thou stay here in this place, eating and drinking by the hollow, black ship; but I will go, for strong necessity is laid upon me.’, [274] “So saying, I went up from the ship and the sea. This work is licensed under a Begone, for thou comest hither as one hated of the immortals.’. And I told him all the tale in due order. From their faces they drew their cloaks, and marvelled at the stag on the shore of the unresting sea, for he was a very mighty beast. In no wise may I help or send upon his way that man who is hated of the blessed gods. Much goodly treasure is he carrying with him from the land of Troy from out the spoil, while we, who have accomplished the same journey as he, are returning, bearing with us empty hands. For I climbed to a rugged point of outlook, and beheld the island, about which is set as a crown the boundless deep. THE ODYSSEY BOOK 10, TRANSLATED BY A. T. MURRAY “Then to the Aeolian isle we came, where dwelt Aeolus, son of Hippotas, dear to the immortal gods, in a floating island, and all around it is a wall of unbreakable bronze, and the cliff runs up sheer. Surely thou art Odysseus, the man of ready device, who Argeiphontes of the golden wand ever said to me would come hither on his way home from Troy with his swift, black ship. ("Agamemnon", "Hom. The isle itself lies low, and in the midst of it my eyes saw smoke through the thick brush and the wood.’. Amazement holds me that thou hast drunk this charm and wast in no wise bewitched. And do thou thyself draw thy sharp sword from beside thy thigh, and sit there, not suffering the powerless heads of the dead to draw near to the blood, till thou hast enquired of Teiresias. Nay, come, while there is yet food and drink in our swift ship, let us bethink us of food, that we pine not with hunger.’, [178] “So I spoke, and they quickly hearkened to my words. And I will tell thee all the baneful wiles of Circe. Cambridge, MA., Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1919. As for me I think not that there is. [208] "So he set out, and with him went two-and-twenty comrades, all weeping; and they left us behind, lamenting. Penelope & the Suitors, Odysseus' Tale: Aeolus, Laestrygones & Circe. And she prepared me a potion in a golden cup, that I might drink, and put therein a drug, with evil purpose in her heart. [46] “So they spoke, and the evil counsel of my comrades prevailed. But no good came of their lamenting. Then the seer will presently come to thee, leader of men, and he will tell thee thy way and the measures of thy path, and of thy return, how thou mayest go over the teeming deep.’, [541] “So she spoke, and straightway came golden-throned Dawn. And she showed them forth with the high-roofed house of her father. She brought them in and made them sit on chairs and seats, and made for them a potion of cheese and barley meal and yellow honey with Pramnian wine; but in the food she mixed baneful drugs, that they might utterly forget their native land.

But I alone moored my black ship outside, there on the border of the land, making the cables fast to the rock. [400] “Then the beautiful goddess drew near me, and said: `Son of Laertes, sprung from Zeus, Odysseus of many devices, go now to thy swift ship and to the shore of the sea. [388] “So I spoke, and Circe went forth through the hall holding her wand in her hand, and opened the doors of the sty, and drove them out in the form of swine of nine years old. And the house, filled with the savour of feasting, resounds all about even in the outer court by day, and by night again they sleep beside their chaste wives on blankets and on corded bedsteads. [566] “So I spoke, and their spirit was broken within them, and sitting down right where they were, they wept and tore their hair.

Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Odyssey, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document. He clasped my hand, and spoke, and addressed me: `Whither now again, hapless man, dost thou go alone through the hills, knowing naught of the country? Nay, come, put up thy sword in its sheath, and let us two then go up into my bed, that couched together in love we may put trust in each other.’, [336] “So she spoke, but I answered her, and said: `Circe, how canst thou bid me be gentle to thee, who hast turned my comrades into swine in thy halls, and now keepest me here, and with guileful purpose biddest me go to thy chamber, and go up into thy bed, that when thou hast me stripped thou mayest render me a weakling and unmanned? Summary: Book 10. Here, take this potent herb, and go to the house of Circe, and it shall ward off from thy head the evil day.

But when a year was gone and the seasons turned, as the months waned and the long days were brought in their course, then my trusty comrades called me forth, and said: `Strange man, bethink thee now at last of thy native land, if it is fated for thee to be saved, and to reach thy high-roofed house and thy native land.’, [475] “So they spoke, and my proud heart consented. Nay, but the mind in thy breast is one not to be beguiled. And she straightway came forth and opened the bright doors, and bade them in; and all went with her in their folly.

But when they had satisfied their eyes with gazing, they washed their hands, and made ready a glorious feast. Your current position in the text is marked in blue. Perseus provides credit for all accepted The Odyssey: Book 10 Summary & Analysis Next. They knew me, and clung to my hands, each man of them, and upon them all came a passionate sobbing, and the house about them rang wondrously, and the goddess herself was moved to pity. [87] "When we had come thither into the goodly harbor, about which on both sides a sheer cliff runs continuously, and projecting headlands opposite to one another stretch out at the mouth, and the entrance is narrow, then all the rest steered their curved ships in, and the ships were moored within the hollow harbor close together; for therein no wave ever swelled, great or small, but all about was a bright calm. View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document. And they wailed aloud, and shed big tears.

So they came up to her and spoke to her, and asked her who was king of this folk, and who they were of whom he was lord. Piety, Customs, and Justice. There into Acheron flow Periphlegethon and Cocytus, which is a branch of the water of the Styx; and there is a rock, and the meeting place of the two roaring rivers. And as soon as early Dawn appeared, the rosy-fingered, I called my men together, and spoke among them all: `Hearken to my words, comrades, for all your evil plight. For I know that thou wilt neither come back thyself, nor bring anyone of thy comrades. Cambridge, MA., Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1919. The Odyssey at a Glance; Poem Summary; About The Odyssey; Character List; Summary and Analysis; Book 1; Book 2; Book 3; Book 4; Book 5; Books 6-8; Book 9; Book 10; Book 11; Book 12; Books 13-14; Books 15-16; Book 17; Book 18 ; Book 19; Book 20; Book 21; Book 22; Book 23; Book 24; Character Analysis; Odysseus; Penelope; Telemachus; Athena (Pallas) Polyphemus (the Cyclops) and King … (1). So there day after day for a full year we abode, feasting on abundant flesh and sweet wine. [133] “Thence we sailed on, grieved at heart, glad to have escaped death, though we had lost our dear comrades; and we came to the isle of Aeaea, where dwelt fair-tressed Circe, a dread goddess of human speech, own sister to Aeetes of baneful mind; and both are sprung from Helius, who gives light to mortals, and from Perse, their mother, whom Oceanus begot. Aeolus presents Odysseus with a bag containing all of the winds, and he stirs up a westerly wind to guide Odysseus and his crew home. Meanwhile in her halls Circe bathed the rest of my comrades with kindly care, and anointed them richly with oil, and cast about them fleecy cloaks and tunics; and we found them all feasting bountifully in the halls. And they all tossed the sea with their oar-blades in fear of death, and joyfully seaward, away from the beetling cliffs, my ship sped on; but all those other ships were lost together there.

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