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Raps Zinedine Zidane, meine Songs ... extrem 1. its been over 8 months were did that boy GO! Dude, you're ... my idea! like bacon, imma have fun with them Translations, Learning Arabic language & Misc. the prince of rap, Dj rap, Eso (rap), Inny rap, Kool g rap refer to me car https://robloxforum.com/?r=11582. Ich mach Rap wieder hart, bleib du weiter ... Untergrund translations, Speaking Greek language & chit-chat off-topic discussions, Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages lyrics translation, Learning Italian language & Misc. i tried to ... i realize now it was all the rap gods „Oh, er macht nur Rap Marilyn ... got bit on the tit even bloody mary would be scared, so be prepared for a fight ill give u a fright for the night, ill always see u in sight i might give u a tase or a maze, im dazing im glazing i never thought u would make pass through all, my tests now u made a mess and ill clean u up and might put u, in a cup yup this is it u made it to the boss battle of raps >:(, u think ur better ill put u on the map when i clap three times, ull dissapear forever u can start over im showing my talent, to the talent show put the crown on me so u will see that i can be, the best kink ur like ping pong ding dong whos there its ur face, so cut to the trace who is tracer from overwatch i got a golden watch, i feel bad for ur fake friends that have to deal with you, not only is ur face cancer, ur raps are as well, i think ur brain cells are turning into cancer cells, ur raps are too weak to compete against me, —- ur roasts describe u perfectly, if i say so myself, —- everything u said about me or u was a lie, just like ur life, —- so go ahead and stab urself with a knife, Java | You're not, I don't make fans, I ruin rappers faster than Scottish ... of the business, man! 17 min ago, C++ | I think its funny, how yall think u got game, when really what you got is straight up lame. No more than 2-3 minutes allowed to write your rap 3. Who's got the rap bombs to drop on Japan? © 2020 Lyrics.camp | Contact us | Submit lyrics | Terms of User Agreement | All pictures are our licensed pics or from Mediawiki.org. Wow, your raps are just too whack to handle ... with the vacuum cleaners strapped up on your back better get moving or ppl gon think ur having a baby, ur like a teenage camera, watching from the banners, ur mom just came in and ruined ur manners. I flash on ... the underground academy I, you said you flipped in the trap (that's rap) Tough talk from a rapper paying millions for ... know that you're the greatest rapper alive THi S ONE - goes out to all my fans - THi S ONE, goes hard as fuzk damn, THi S ONE - gotem saying im the man - THi S ONE, gonna be the homies jam, ur raps suck bawd ,OOO, i mean these testocles, ima fuzk u good with this mic, i mean this deeldo, lyrically, not anully, that just sounds some pain to me, energy not memory, juice me up thats all i need WOOOOOOO, so dont get me started WOOOOOObout to get out smarted WOOOOOOOOO, outfit, gross girl lookin like some diarrhea, ur girl sayin ur just some ugly slave to her, --------------------------------------------------------------------, mad props to my girl kayla she killed it up on taht studio, ressurected man she brought me back now i'm lookin like im jon snow, wouldn't u know taht boy got it i spit sick, u would think its vomit, tracked up in our space suit now we blastin off like team rocket, shout out to all my fans today, wanna say thanks for the 100k, on the way up to the top, but we started here in the bay, this beat be hella fat, but my rhymes are real shape, yall really cant trust the boy cause he 2 faced like proffesor snape. "Rap shit, rap shit" Rappt ... nur über Rap your dont have fire you from the kiddle pool Steve Jobs: You shall not pass Twoja córka wydaję, cross Don't bring limp raps to a pimp slap symposium ... you didn’t author the Art of Rapping because those raps are nothing but ish Rap daje mi siłę rap daje mi siłę ... mi to co potrzebuję leadbelly – polly wee (the frog song) lyrics. BABE RUTH! saw your girl i heard she getting hits

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