sentence with litter

He remembered Woil staying by the bench and the, 57. SALOME: Thou wilt do this thing for me Narraboth and tomorrow when I pass in my, 168. Litter should not be thrown out the car window but placed in a trash can instead. A: litter is trash that is thrown/been thrown on the street. If you still have questions, why not ask a native speaker? 145. Then the wastewater is pumped into and out of cells that contain a special gravel, akin to kitty. The results showed an occurrence of phytotoxicity with clear dynamic patterns during Zanthoxylum bungeanum, 175. CK 1 2548279 I'm a little scared. Words that rhyme with litter include bitter, filter, sister, blister, center, charter, finger, foster, further and killer. 434662 Don't litter! An untold number of residents have been killed or maimed by unexploded ordnance littering the area. What is the difference between South korea and America ? Their peduncles are long, whose flowers haver a, 176. sentence: My mom told me not to litter at the beach. The whole menagerie produced just a single, 52. rubbish = another word for "trash" sentence: There was so much rubbish in the kitchen. 95. We mated her with John's dog. I would love to know th... Are the following sentences correct ? The road continued to climb at a seemingly impossible grade, more rugged now with jagged rocks littering the uneven way. Dodi is an extremely affectionate and healthy 4 month old ball of playfulness who can already urinate in his kitty, 154. Volunteers spent their afternoon placing litter from the highway into trash bags. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. nous nous sommes pacsés il y a trois ans. "I used to brus... How do you say this in English (US)? Loads of litter filled the polluted ocean, with the toxic trash making the fish sick. 3. It really makes me cross to see people dropping, 35. CK 1 488166 It is a little cold. artefactl visitors will be able to see hundreds of artifacts from the wreck littering the seabed. The litter was carried through the entrance, and the door was swung shut behind them. trash that is lying in an open place . The local council has pledged to clamp down on, 39. Almost 250 car parks across the province will be cleaned to help raise awareness of the, 55. The whole park is spoiled by litter. Robyn went out to Winchester Virginia found a, 163. Shadows rose from the pits littering the meadow as men spilled out of hiding into the meadow. Sucking piglets are often pale and poor growing and 10 - 15 % may be affected in a, 158. 24 examples: Approximately 3 kg of fresh litter obtained from the removal-treatment plots… Anyone caught littering will be subject to a minimum fine of $50. We should not, 161. HiNative is a platform for users to exchange their knowledge about different languages and cultures. Examples of Litter in a sentence. lukaszpp 1 2549795 Don't litter. Next to the Litter came the Almoner, the Gentleman Carver, the Secretary, and the Physician. Figures slim, muscular and bony, action impetuous but of arrested energy, tawny landscape, gritty with littering pebbles, mark the athletic hauteur of his style. little. 3. Brokahontis 44203 The room was littered with scraps of paper. What is the difference between stay safe and keep safe ? 24 examples: Approximately 3 kg of fresh litter obtained from the removal-treatment plots… "I used to brush my theeth while bathing" Examples of litter in a sentence: 1. People who lived and worked near the building complained of crime. 183+10 sentence examples: 1. Male golden-collared manakins clear leaf litter from the ground to form courts, which they then use as arenas for intense courtship displays. 4. Barker, the porter and the housemaid were carrying away the, He, however, succeeded in doing so, and sent him in a, Do you mean to say, Giles, that you have dared to shoot a fox, and a vixen with a, Individuals were found beneath logs on the forest floor or moving about in the, These small snakes are capable of rapid movement and quickly disappear in the, They associate with other young of the same, The beds were arranged in wooden boxes and their, It was when a kitten which she had insisted on bringing with her, sprang out of the, The latter was idling at a table close to the wall, running his hands through a, When disturbed it takes to the ground and seeks cover in the leaf, All individuals of this lizard were found in the leaf, He opened his eyes, and saw it was high noon, and that he was being carried in a, As we were told, the general was safely taken to his home after the battle, being carried on a, The whole place was gnawed by rats and shockingly befouled by birds; there was a, In one there were horses, for as they passed there came a whiff of unclean stables, and the, Lay the leaves upon the paper; the worms will come up through the holes to eat, and the, The ground was strewn in every direction with a, Nearly all of them looked very miserable, and one starveling bitch, with a. 196. 1k Please don't litter; put your garbage in the containers provided. We cannot guarantee that every answer is 100% accurate. Definition of Litter. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Litter" in Example Sentences Page 1. I have heard that an insult is insult but i... What is the difference between insult and offensive? Besides UV, the blue and green light-wave bands in visible light can affect, 180. Examples of Litter in a sentence. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. About 2% of fast-food packaging ends up as litter. It really annoys me when I see people dropping, 42. Find more rhyming words at! The sow leaves her stall only when it is time for mating or for transfer to the farrowing accommodation where she will give birth to her, 157. The sonatas which he wrote for them have astonishing power, and are a mixture of littering elegance and deep profundity.

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