serger feet attachments

This one-step foot produces the best gathers on lightweight to medium-weight fabrics using a 4-thread overlock stitch. Or which presser feet, bobbins or other accessories are compatible with your machine? Confidently serge elastic by letting this foot take care of all the work. This foot provides even tension every time to prevent pulling and tugging on the needle. This foot creates lovely decorative stitching over all cording types on both single and double fabric layers., Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.89 Safari/537.36. You might be able to find an even larger selection at your local serger dealer or on the website of your serger manufacturer. Some universal feet can be used on a variety of machines. While it’s possible to create gathers without using a presser foot designed for the job, this attachment can gather one layer of fabric while attaching it to another layer. This beading foot allows you to quickly attach strands of pearls, colored glass beads and other decorative trims to all types of sewing projects. Specialist sewing machines need the correct sewing foot or attachment, find examples on how to use various presser feet. 8 ... Do more creative techniques with your Baby Lock serger when you add additional feet. 7 OPTIONS Long Arm Quilting Feet. The guide holes also provide control for projects requiring fishing line. These feet are available in a range of sizes, each of which creates a custom-size tuck on fabrics. The foot also features a metal guide that helps keep your seams straight. Sign up to receive updates from Baby Lock. With this presser foot and both needles, you can quickly create perfectly spaced pintucks on your handmade baby or children’s garments, lingerie or custom wedding gowns. A guide hole is built into the foot, which provides greater control when working with fishing line instead of thread. This clear foot provides better visibility when attaching ribbon and lace, or guiding lightweight decorative stitching. Attaching beading to delicate garments was once highly skilled, time-consuming hand work. If this invaluable presser foot isn’t included in your accessory package, picking one up for your serger is well worth the extra expense. Anyone who’s used a serger is no stranger to the versatility of an all-purpose presser foot. All of them make creating uniform, secure button and drawstring holes fast and easy. Includes Blind Hem Foot, 3mm Cording Foot, 5mm... Acclaim, Victory, and Celebrate Serger Foot Kit. You can also make delicate dress straps, curtain tiebacks, drawstrings, purse handles and other decorative items. Sort By. The adjustable guide and tension dial allow you to serge elastic with a finished uniform stretch. Using these fun attachments will expand your creative options and help you take your serging skills to the next level. Here’s a look at some of the specialty feet available for use with your serger. You can create pintucks without this foot, but why invest so much time and effort into it when this handy accessory removes any frustrations? See our list of the Best Serger Accessories, 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Serger, Serger sewing: buying your first serger machine. Blind Hem Foot . 134 OPTIONS Miscellaneous Feet. With the Accessory Finder, simply choose your sewing machine or serger model number and you're on your way! Your Baby Lock machine is just what you need for endless creative opportunities. This presser foot works best when using a 2- or 3-thread narrow hem stitch. An adjustment screw allows you to easily accommodate different widths of lace and ribbon. Get Quick Access to this and all your favorites by creating a Baby Lock Profile. per page. Explore the benefits of having a Baby Lock account. Sewing Feet. Your serger’s user manual will include a list of optional presser feet you can purchase.

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