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Gestört aber GeiL feat. Adel Tawil “Vielleicht”, 16. But while the song sounds readymade for a night out, it drips with lovesick anxiety: “I cry on the dancefloor, it’s so embarrassing,” Polachek confesses. 2018年 (Chow), “Con Altura” is a record-breaking collaboration between two Spanish-speaking artists with distinct backgrounds but powerful influences: Spain��s Rosalía is making a name for herself with flamenco-inflected alt-pop on works like her Grammy-nominated, poetically inspired second album El Mal Querer, while J Balvin reigns as one of Latin America’s reggaeton kings and one of the most popular artists on the planet, thanks to his international chart-toppers like “Mi Gente” and “I Like It.” Together on “Con Altura,” they found a sweet spot that mixes a number of musical traditions, from dembow to hip-hop to reggaeton, while still flexing their individual powers. 現在お使いのブラウザではJavascriptが有効となっていないため、サイトのコンテンツが正常に表示・動作されません。 “Juice” sounds like it was perfected in a test kitchen, equal parts joy, cheeky lyricism and timeless appeal. And that something is a propulsive, infectious disco sensibility. “Too Much” synthesizes everything that makes the Canadian artist, best known for her 2012 earworm “Call Me Maybe,” beloved. The 25 Best Rock & Alternative Albums of 2019: Staff List 25. That all four found the time to make an album together speaks to their commitment to claiming space for women’s voices in a historically patriarchal industry. Pop Smoke growls both his threats and boasts in unruly, unpredictable clusters—but even more jarring is producer 808Melo’s bassline, which seems to bubble out of the deepest recesses of the American psyche. (Bruner), Bandana, the widely acclaimed album from rapper Freddie Gibbs and producer Madlib, was forged in trying circumstances: Gibbs says he wrote most of the record in an Austrian jail while awaiting his eventual acquittal from sexual assault charges.

“Welcome to the Party,” which was inescapable in Brooklyn this summer and fall, manically races forward, with the 20-year-old rapper’s syllables spilling out in terrifying, clipped bursts. All Rights Reserved. 14. Given this initial disconnect between the pair, it’s astonishing how perfectly Gibbs’ gravelly rhymes coalesce with Madlib’s sun-bleached soul production. Maître Gims] - Shirin David, Royal Rumble (feat. And it was this shapeshifting ability that made “Old Town Road” the ideal cultural artifact for 2019, in its endlessly iterative and argumentative nature. Lizzo’s career was jolted forward by a Netflix trailer; Lil Nas X rode TikTok and Twitter to the top of the charts. 2019 was a year of upheaval in the pop music world, with new voices rising to the fore through unexpected pathways. Stars emerged out of Brooklyn (Pop Smoke), Spain (Rosalía) and Nigeria (Burna Boy), expertly wielding social media and huge streaming numbers to captivate audiences across the world. Man kann sich im Stile von Lena neu entfalten oder mit einem Modern-Talking-Cover für Furore sorgen. KitschKrieg feat. Whether people went online to criticize it, dance to it or remix it, everyone interacted with it some way, continuously pouring fuel as it set record after record.

Capital Bra “Viva la Dealer”, Die Plätze 21-50 der besten deutschen Songs 2019, Nicht allein sein - Stereoact feat. Deutsche Songs 2019 sind bunt, wie unsere Top 50 deutlich macht. (Bruner). Over spare, specific percussion, Rosalía’s voice rings out with lilting, sing-song precision; Balvin provides a balancing, stable counterpoint. The best of the bunch is “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” a cheekily named song propelled by handclaps and strutting muted guitars. “Though it took some time to survive you,” she sings, “I’m better on the other side.” It’s the sound of a new pop era. Made with juicy synths, bubbly percussion and bouncy vocal twists, it’s a tune that celebrates independence and promises joy in the process. Write to Raisa Bruner at The new supergroup brings together four of country music’s most prolific women: Maren Morris, a country-pop star with powerful vocals and mainstream hits like “The Middle”; Brandi Carlile, the Grammy-recognized folk artist whose work is marked by wry brilliance; Amanda Shires, a notable fiddler and country mainstay; and Natalie Hemby, the heavy-hitting songwriter who’s been the secret weapon for artists like Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert and Lady Gaga on A Star Is Born. Die Zeiten ändern sich! (Chow). But she takes center stage on this year’s Pang, her major label debut album with Sony. 2017年, 【先ヨミ】すとぷり『Strawberry Prince』が187,433枚を売り上げ首位独走中 渋谷すばる/ORβITが速報トップ5に, 7ORDER、Ground Yとのコラボアイテム発売 アイテムをメンバーが纏った新MVのティザー映像も公開, Spotify、初のオンラインライブイベント開催決定 嵐/Perfume/End of the Worldらが出演, 11月15日にミューザ川崎シンフォニーホールで公演【ジャズピアノ Battle ジャム】を開催, このエルマークは、レコード会社・映像制作会社が提供するコンテンツを示す登録商標です RIAJ80010003, 本田雅人と中川英二郎が【かわさきジャズ2020】で共演。気の合う二人が音楽の魅力を語る, <Billboard JAPAN×NTTデータ>ビルボードライブ横浜のプロモーションビデオを脳科学で分析してみた, “ライブを見てほしい”--「キンモクセイ」で注目のオレンジスパイニクラブのロングインタビュー, 山下洋輔、スガダイロー、桑原あい、奥田弦〜世代を超えた4人のピアニストが、「ジャズピアノ Battle ジャム」への意気込みを語る. “Old Town Road” contains many opposing truths. Most of all, “Too Much” feels intensely honest.

“When I feel it, then I feel it too much / I’ll do anything to get the rush,” she sings, then turns it around: “Is this too much?” Her ability to swing from wild joy to insecurity—all over a shimmering dance tune that’s as infectious as anything she’s produced—is a triumph. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, “Take What You Want” (Chow), Carly Rae Jepsen has built a cult following on the power of her brand of pure, heart-on-your-sleeve pop.

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