use sits in a sentence

Massachusetts: Located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Pinewood Lodge Campground sits amid 200 acres of white pine forest and has more than 300 shaded campsites. A person sits down and writes out a certain amount of money he or she will spend in different categories each month. Jeff is also a professional member of the Residential Property tribunal Service (RPTS) and sits on leasehold valuation tribunals. A boat with a keel that sits low in the water can smoothly sail through some bodies of water but will quickly run aground in others. While the bikini bottom sits a bit higher than Brooklyn's, those hip string ties leave no doubt that you'll have a captive audience! I fought hard to finish a lot of the events, but right now, the game sits on my shelf of very few DS games. Its round, mother-of-pearl dial sits comfortably inside an 18 karat gold case covered by a sturdy sapphire crystal. To keep the glass upright, it sits in a wooden stirrup. At Prague there sits also an electoral court which decides upon the validity of disputed elections or forfeiture of seats and other questions relating to parliamentary or elected bodies. The HALL Winery sits amidst Sacrashe Vineyard in the hills of Rutherford, and has a special dedication to environmentally friendly design. CK 1 2111552 Sit still. This is the wheeled ring that sits beneath the turntable tray. You certainly can; just make sure your blouse collar sits atop the jacket collar. If the shade has a wide lower brim, then a greater amount of light will be cast on the table where it sits and on the surrounding area. An unclean person is universally a slothful one, one who sits by a stove, whom the sun shines on prostrate, who reposes without being fatigued. Big on Maui October 1, 1998 8 out of 8 found this review helpful JAWS sits on every coffee table on this island. Justice is administered by petty sessions in the six magisterial districts into which the possession is divided, with a central court at Port Moresby (which, however, sits elsewhere as necessary) having the jurisdiction of a supreme court, from which in certain cases an appeal lies to the supreme court of Queensland. Do you prefer a bikini bottom that sits low on the hips, or one that sits high? Once you have mastered the basics of how to tie a sarong so that it sits nicely and the knot is neat, you can begin to play a bit. Commercial cases are dealt with by the ordinary courts, except at Prague where a special commercial court sits. A little fellow sits on my shoulder, and if the ego is swelling says " remember you are a complete and utter wanker! glazing salesman who sits on your tail in his Dagenham dustbin. Founded by 12th century Cistercian monks, the abbey sits serenely amid the hills of the Wye river valley. humidifying apparatus that often sits alongside the blowing equipment. Word suggestions (6): Its, Site, Sit, In, Situs, A, © 2020 A yogi seated on a tiger skin The yogi seated on a tiger skin The yogi sits on an outstretched tiger skin at the base of the picture plain. This zoo is located in Wilmington and sits on 180 acres of Brandywine Park across from the Brandywine River. Yz, the primary electron acceptor of the OEC, sits to the left, approximately 3.4 Angstroms away from the chloride. However, there are situations where using Seat as a verb is necessary to convey the message appropriately. The houses of the people contained but little furniture; chairs, tables and couches, however, were used, and Assur-bani-pal is represented as reclining on his couch at a meal while his wife sits on a chair beside him. sacredceltic 1 2706633 Sit down. The acting justice sits normally alone to hear causes in his canton of the peace (uchastok), but, at the request of both parties to a suit, he may call in an honorary justice as assessor or substitute. A platform bed typically sits on a wooden frame and may have legs or a smaller box frame attached to the underside. The foundations are what the house sits on but the work done and the financial cost are mostly unseen. The rather industrial village straggles down to the muddy Stour, and on the far bank sits the fine Essex town of Manningtree. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In addition to exposing stomach skin, low rise jeans also have a tendency to reveal underwear, and in some cases, bare buttocks, when the wearer bends over or sits down. The Joseph Abboud drawstring swim trunk comes in an attractive seashell blue color, and sits comfortably on the thigh with its 12" inseam. assert that the earth sits on a turtle's back, or that humans arose from dream time. They are drilled right into the side of the hill where the winery sits and go around and out the other side in a big half-circle. The house sits more than a mile off the snow plow route, so sometimes I'm snowed in for a week or so. Short-sleeve black and white dress: A white T-shirt style top sits above an A-line black-and-white polka dot skirt with big white pockets, giving this dress a quirky style. When she sits on my lap she sometimes kneads my arms or lap. Hard disk platter sits on coil, with CD above it. The alert units typically have a base that sits in the house and a transmitter in the form of a bracelet or necklace. The iPod mini slots into the iBoost mini which then sits in the charging dock, simultaneously charging both batteries. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Houghton Le Spring Houghton le Spring sits at the foot of the magnesium limestone escarpment northeast of Durham. The epididymis is a convoluted, tubelike structure that sits on the edge of the testicle. If a child struggles with reading, this will usually become obvious if an adult sits with them and listens to them read aloud. The grand cadi, who must belong to the sect of the Hanifis, sits at Cairo, and is aided by a council of Ulema or learned men. The alien spacecraft sits on a desolate plain on a distant planet. It sits freely on the board so the use of adhesive tape is recommended so the cover doesn't move or curl up on the corners. Significant mentions of sits:. At her side, the black panther sits patiently, the pupils of its eyes slits against the bright sunlight. Williams Selyem winery sits in the heart of California's Russian River Valley. dreamland cottage peacefully sits on a dairy farm in the scenic Golden Vale. Helsinki's geographical location sits on a narrow peninsula, limiting development northwards. The chewing seems to bother Bailey, because she moves, sits or turns to avoid the chewing. policewoman on duty who sits behind a polished wooden desk, and, standing beside her, a policeman. When your dad sits down to watch television, change the channel randomly. A clear glass charger plate sits gently on a daisy place mat with a white linen daisy tied napkin. If it weren't for all this reading (and skipping through text boxes), Dogz could be a much more enjoyable title, but as it currently sits, becomes frustrating, repetitive, and downright boring rather quickly. Upon the sea of the world unfolds the lotus of the New Day, And there the Mother sits enshrined, in blissful majesty. The nave is lined north and south with box pews, and to the east, against the south wall sits the triple-decker pulpit. Passengers track snow and rain into the vehicle on their shoes, and this moisture sits on the carpet. Imagine one of your team sits down across your desk and with a weary sigh begins to outline the latest problem. It sits atop a suspension seatpost, which seems to be soaking up some of the many potholes we have here. Anchorage sits on a high bluff at the base of the Chugach Mountains along the coast of Cook Inlet in south central Alaska. This accident generally arises from an improper size of pillars; some roofs, however, are so difficult to support that sits take place where the half of the coal is left in pillars. The beverage sits for about a week until it is properly fermented. My dog is sitting by the door. Don't be like the guy on TV who sits down for an interview, crosses his legs and shows that his socks are too short. " Sit down with me a little," said the countess. It sits on location at the end of an unfinished line of precast concrete caissons, 500 m out into the English Channel. The stand, which sits proudly along one side of the pitch, is a single tier cantilever holding just under 7,000 people. Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring: This ring has a platinum and diamond band that accentuates the lovely Tahitian pearl that sits in the middle. munching away when an employe of Moto sits at the next table and produces his pack up! Bare Escentuals: This popular company offers a mineral foundation that is buffed on and sits cleanly on the skin without settling into fine lines on the face or neck. massacre perpetrated in the room, the modem sits there smiling. The Empress is Mother Nature. The oven simply sits on top of a counter and plugs into an electrical outlet. The patient either sits in a chair or sits upright in bed and inhales, pushing the abdomen out to force maximum amounts of air into the lung. Typically, the knot sits against a hip so that you show a flash of thigh when you walk, but you can wear it on the front or back as well if you like. The questioner who sits so sly Shall never know how to reply. This sits over the inner and is attached by hooking metal eyelets over the pole ends. The South Africa Act 5909 created a Supreme Court of South Africa, the supreme court of the Cape of Good Hope, which sits at Cape Town, becoming a provincial division of the new supreme court, presided over by a judge-president. Feel confident knowing you'll look good for years to come (as long as no one sits on them in the car!). Atop a sleek leather strap sits an unusually-shaped, diamond-encrusted case that resembles a bow. Josh Holloway's style sits at his collar and over the ears. A halter is a style of tankini that typically ties or sits around the neck. The whole scheme sits over a naturally ventilated car park with space for 80 vehicles. The circular mat sits on the ground and is equipped with an assortment of removable brushes for your cat to rub against. The state legislature, or General Assembly, composed of a senate and a house of representatives, sits biennially at Des Moines.

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