victorian teachers agreement 2020

Principals will need to ensure that there are sufficient staff on-site to run the school’s teaching and learning programs. 0000000016 00000 n To say that all schoolchildren, including his own, lost six months of schooling is ridiculous. At long last you can have a day off .Denis Evans, Coburg, The government made our bed and we have to lie in it. Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010; Labour Market Assistance Industry Award 2020; Supported Employment Services Award 2020; Workers in the community services sector who are employed under one of the awards, or an equivalent agreement, and are performing community services work are now eligible for the Scheme. Anyone? Perhaps it was done without a contract, in which case who signed for the payment of $30million? 0000012932 00000 n endstream endobj startxref However, had the Morrison government put in place adequate funding for higher levels of professional nursing and external assessments carried out by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, the horrendous spread through the aged care network could have been kept to a manageable level. We could risk losing control once again. I cannot imagine that he has gained the respect and support of any teachers.Tom Ward, former teacher, Sorrento, As an ex-primary teacher and a grandmother of a new prep student, I have been amazed at the quality of learning that has taken place during Victoria’s lockdown. Victorian teachers are in the classroom on average two hours longer per week than teachers in similar countries to Australia. 0000035677 00000 n Mental health is more important than ever for our future generations. 0000181594 00000 n Obviously, this would be a disaster for us all.Vincent Vozzo, Blairgowrie, Did the inquiry into hotel quarantine bother to get the name of the person who signed the contract for security guards? 0000008117 00000 n This time it was teachers. If I really want to see tantrums, I will ask a two-year-old.Anne Rutland, Brunswick West, I am bemused by your correspondent’s surprise that ‘‘the Victorian government is only now developing a QR code check-in system’’ (Letters, 29/10). 0 Annual registration/renewal of registration if paid from 1 October to 31 December 2020 which incorporates the late processing fee/additional fee … It was disappointing, but not surprising, to hear Josh Frydenberg once again attack his fellow Victorians. However, when asked what they have missed the most, children (including our six grandchildren) often say it is their friends. 414 0 obj <> endobj 0000035638 00000 n l��L&�y`�+�( �6�M��YW��ۀ]��A�a��n�j�i28�0�0�2H/`�`*f�ex�`��u�-���g���60`8�`y@H�)�W`J`d`p �� Where possible, school leadership should be represented on-site. 0000003579 00000 n So how about practising getting in early with constructive suggestions rather than just jumping up and down, pointing a finger and randomly demanding, ‘‘Fix it’’. As a year 8 student who has been doing remote learning, I have found that this pandemic has exacerbated the anxiety teenagers experience daily – for example, problems with their families and friends, stressing over grades, worrying about body image and the financial crisis this pandemic has brought. Today is Teachers’ Day in Australia. 0000013723 00000 n As our year 12 students prepare for their exams after a turbulent year, readers might be interested to hear from the teachers who have supported them along the way. I just hope that along with the freedom, we can collectively embrace the deeper values we learnt from lockdown – community, caring about our neighbours, doing the right things like wearing masks – and that these remain strong.Joyce Butcher, Williamstown, Re ‘‘Premier urges Victorians who spot outlets flouting COVID-safe rules to phone hotline’’ (Age Online, 29/10). Wisdom teaches the benefits of listening and learning from others. The owners who do not do the right thing do not care about other people’s right to life, so they should not have a right to run a business. %PDF-1.7 %���� �Ũ�`������ֈt���ـ������D1`�9��T)�L��d�,�����uSc��@���A�2���ɷ!|fm -����zc���ټ[���U�!7��ˢ��9@����^@�2��,c��� (��_ 0000002253 00000 n in accordance with the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017. 0000037736 00000 n 0000002326 00000 n We must be careful that, post-pandemic, we do not erode the conditions that have been hard won by unions.Marguerite Marshall, Eltham, As a Queenslander who has lived in NSW and SA, I learned to refer to Victorians ‘‘those bloody Vics’’. Exceptions for We cannot afford to wait until massive foreign tariffs are placed on imports of Australian products to start this essential change.Michelle Leeder, Seddon, The Australian government can set its policies for selling coal and gas overseas. Of course it has been difficult for many children and their parents during the lockdown. OPERATIONS GUIDE Victorian Government Schools Term 3 2020 5 Staff will be required to attend for duty at their school in accordance with normal arrangements, making necessary adjustments to support physical distancing between adults. 0000001056 00000 n Ignoring climate science, supporting fossil fuels like coal and gas, and a belligerent approach to constructive global action. ",,`U������w_�0Urs�3���7qҚ�)�YNWo��G�z+/���kd����(S�]Uԗ��v*9p+�m�Fr`�+�ga��/�#JIk�׹���R�;���>�aoy��ё��S&Gpr�q��Gj��*�/�����=��ܒG�� %%EOF There are other alignment options for the Western Highway.Rod Duncan, East Brunswick, Catherine Ford – ‘‘Education upheaval sparks real fear’’ (Comment, 28/10) – explains the dreadful outcome of the slashing of funding by the federal government, and the loss of jobs at LaTrobe University. 2020 Victorian Training Awards - Virtual Events Series Every day from Monday 26 October through to Friday 13 November, the Victorian Training Awards’ finalists and winners will be announced via a series of videos on the Victorian Training Awards' social media sites: This would be unfair on those businesses and people who are doing the right thing.Jill Polson, Reservoir, Yesterday, taking a trip to my local shopping centre to have a coffee for the first time in months, I noticed that masks were not being worn properly even by those who were serving food. endstream endobj 415 0 obj <>>> endobj 416 0 obj <> endobj 417 0 obj <. We need him to read the global room on climate change and start pivoting our exports to be carbon neutral. Then again perhaps those people who have lost their jobs could apply for a job filling the coal scuttles.Carol Reed, Newport, Stories of consumers excited to get to Kmart, or have their nails done (The Age, 29/10), at first seem to be celebrating the return to superficial values. In the photo, not one of the Australian Defence Force personnel is wearing a mask, just gloves. Given their dire experience of climate change now, can he be encouraged to ask afresh our neighbours in the Pacific whether a target towards zero emission would give them more hope?Philip Huggins, Lonsdale, As a clever marketer, our Prime Minister is an expert at reading the mood in a room. The Age's editor, Gay Alcorn, writes an exclusive newsletter for subscribers on the week's most important stories and issues. This is exactly what is happening near Ararat, with the Victorian government’s removal of centuries-old Djab Wurrung birthing trees along the Western Highway. 0000006013 00000 n Or was it anybody, somebody or nobody?Lynette Cameron, Brighton East, Re ‘‘NSW needs more quarantine hotels to deal with COVID-19-infected overseas arrivals’’ (Age Online, 28/10). Teachers delivering a remote and flexible program will do so from their school site. Sadly, the children who have found it difficult would probably be those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

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