wd my passport wireless ssd

Solid State Durability The only thing I don’t like is the size – at about twice to three times the size of an equivalent power bank, this is not a small device to carry around, and it takes up more space in the camera bag. a D500 25Mb NEF took about 6 sec to copy, a D850 55Mb NEF took about 7 sec to copy. Final Shipping and Taxes calculated at checkout, By submitting your email, you acknowledge Western Digital's, This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, {{relatedProducts[sessionRelatedproduct.code].pageTitle}}, {{relatedProducts[sessionRelatedproduct.code].minPricedSKU.amountFormatted}}. So, what is the WD My Passport Wireless SSD, and how does it differ from its predecessors? On both the web interface and the My Cloud app, the setup experience is straightforward, and although the drive is already configured for immediate use out of the box, there’s a range of optional advanced features you can turn on or off by digging into the settings. * Two-month membership to Adobe Creative Photography plan is redeemable during product registration. As used for storage capacity, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. I recently bought a MPWS and expected to be formatted in exFAT. Used a Lexar 2933x 64Gb XQD card with about 950 photo’s of D850, about 50-55Mb/each – thats about 50Gb. That port is capable of supplying up to 1.5A of power output to recharge other gear like smartphones and action cameras. For a photographer wanting to skip a laptop, it would make sense to bring both the main unit and the power bank. If you are a Windows user, you can try opening up the URL http://mypassport and if you are a Mac user, try http://mypassport.local in your browser. Details & exclusions, By signing in, you agree to Western Digital's We also need to consider WiFi is CSMA/CA (Carrier-sense multiple access with collision avoidance) which will limit the IO by the number of connections. Hi, will an attached XQD sony card reader work with Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD 500GB (nikon z7) cheers Chris, Why do reviewers not specify what raw speed the 802.11ac is specified to deliver. To the right of that, you will find a battery level indicator, below which WiFi information is also provided. Below is a screenshot of the WD My Cloud app, showing the copy progress during an SD card backup: If you made an error and you want to terminate the transfer process, you can touch the “Stop” button to the right of the progress bar. If Western Digital found a way to incorporate more memory card readers (XQD, CFast, SD and microSD) without adding to the size of the device, or provided a much faster USB 3.0 / 3.1 or Thunderbolt interface to connect external media card readers, it would make the WD My Passport Wireless SSD a far more practical device for the masses. Setting up the My Passport Wireless SSD is a breeze. It was slow and the battery would drain fast. Hmmm …. You can also store music and video files on the drive. Actual values for copy to/from also help. This way, if you still have space in your card and you want to keep shooting to it, you don’t have to duplicate data each time you insert the memory card. Performance varies based on SD card speed class and read/write specifications. This means that I could essentially back up about 500 GB of data on a single charge! {{item.prices.sale.amountFormatted}} / {{item.prices.sale.billingPlanName}} *. When going through settings, if you enable the “Automatic Import” option under “SD card”, inserting the memory card will automatically kick off the backup process. I ended up disabling that option and decided that it would be better to kick off the backup process manually, which reduced chances of my data not getting backed up. However, installing Plex does automatically disable the Twonky server, as there’s not enough horsepower to run both simultaneously. The USB 2.0 connectivity is a non starter and the bulk and weight of an unneeded power bank misses the point of a light and fast back-up solution for the field. 08 November 2018. Requires DLNA®/UPnP® or Plex-enabled devices for streaming. Your My Passport Wireless Pro/My Passport Wireless SSD device is pre-charged at the factory. Wireless Access And 4K Streaming Obviously, if you want to be able to charge the device faster, it is better to use a more powerful charger that can provide sufficient amperage. Enter your account email address to receive an email to validate your account. See www.adobe.com/legal.html for applicable terms and Privacy Policy. So, what is the WD My Passport Wireless SSD, and how does it differ from its predecessors? Internet connection and Adobe ID required. Connect to the My Passport Wireless SSD to archive footage directly to the drive after you film so you save space on your phone. It’s basically intended to be used in the same way as the SD Card slot, letting you plug in an external drive (like, say, a USB thumb drive or a CompactFlash memory card reader) and then press the transfer button to dump the contents of that drive onto the WD’s internal SSD storage.

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