what is a bungalow

Currently-popular Bungalow styles include California, Chicago, and the chalet. This cool house plan gives you a wide front porch (a bungalow house must-have), an open floor plan, and a simple footprint. Non-owner occupied refers to real estate that the owner does not occupy as a personal residence. The open plan living space is ideal for a vacation community whether you rent or live there because it leaves plenty of time for leisure pursuits. This style of house also typically features deep eaves and may or may not have exposed rafters. During the early 20th century, some builders combined two very popular styles to create a hybrid Neoclassical Bungalow. The term bungalow as we now know it – a small dwelling, typically one story – developed in the 20th century, although its definition varies in different areas of the world. Today’s home preferences include features that let homeowners bring the outside in, and that’s exactly what the large porch on a bungalow does. Here’s a list of some key bungalow house characteristics: Low-slung rooflines (often with rafter tails and ridge beams), Wide front porches supported by tapered columns, Natural materials including siding, stone, and/or stucco, Ideal for small-ish lots – thanks to their compact design, One or one-and-a-half stories (typically), Floor plans that accompany families both large and small (thanks to their efficient open floor plans), Get the look with these bungalow house plans, The laundry room is conveniently located next to the master suite in this house design. Hello curb appeal! Plan 48-666. The interior of a bungalow is very efficient with space because closets are small and there are usually built-in cabinets and shelving. Die Benennung rührt daher, dass in der geografischen Region Bengalen im Nordosten Südasiens im 18.

Cottages have a higher-pitched roof than a bungalow, and tend to be more rural while bungalows are closer to denser areas. Front and rear porches lend plenty of outdoor space and extended living. This bungalow house features an open floor plan that combines the living and dining areas – both warmed by a fireplace. A bungalow’s distinction is its low profile. Get expert advice from the house plans industry leader. Best Architecture Schools for a World-Class Education, Interior Shutters For Every And Any Room of the House, Space Saving Furniture: More Living Out Of Your Rooms, What You Need To Know About Victorian Style Homes, These Statement Chairs Don’t Fit the Basic Definition and That Makes Them Fabulous, 15 Best Online Furniture Thrifts Stores – What Your Home Needs To Look Really Distinctive, Beautiful Concrete Residence Inspired By A Movie House, Gorgeous Garden Party Centerpiece made with Thrifted Items, 50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind, The Best Weber Grills Will Make Summer Cooking Great – Guide and Reviews 2020, Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly, What is a Bungalow Exactly? Small to medium in size, bungalow houses are attractive, affordable, and very livable. Nice weather?

COPYRIGHT:The articles and photos you see on the architecture pages at About.com are copyrighted. Your email address will not be published. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 29. Most people know a bungalow as a small one- or one-and-a-half story house with a front porch. When bungalows are built today (often with vinyl and plastic parts), they are more accurately called Bungalow Revivals. Here's a practical touch: the drop zone on the way in from the two-car garage. An updated bungalow in Coronado, California has more of a cozy, contemporary feel than a traditional, historic type, but still exudes charm aplenty. But there are some important differences in the two home styles. But the concepts and intent of a bungalow are much more complex: Its design –and popularity – are rooted in the idea that simplicity and artistry could be combined into an affordable home, which made them wildly popular. Bungalows are typically small in terms of size and square footage and often are distinguished by the presence of dormer windows and verandas. A bungalow can also be a log cabin, a Tudor cottage, a Cape Cod, or any number of distinct housing styles. Check out these favorites forms of the Bungalow style. It was a strange blend of Bengalese, Queen Anne and Swiss chalet architecture. According to American Bungalow Magazine, these houses gave average people of modest means a way to afford respectable homes that were stylish, convenient and well built with good plumbing. The interesting shape resembles that of an old Dutch Colonial home. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home! Ein Bungalow (englisch/angloindisch bungalow von Gujarati: બંગલો, baṅglo bzw. The mania for bungalows marked a rare occasion in which serious architecture was found outside the realm of the rich. Typically with this type of house, the floor is raised up and front steps are needed. And what is so great about this architectural style? Soon the word "Craftsman" became synonymous with Arts & Crafts, and the Craftsman Bungalow — like the one Stickley built for himself at Craftsman Farms — became the prototype and one of the most popular housing types in the US. A true bungalow, this one-and-a-half story residence was set on a high foundation and located on a hillside. This particular house is a rental property and has some of the features that characterize what is a bungalow. On the downside, Bungalows have smaller and fewer rooms than multi-story houses, and are more vulnerable to break-ins, due to how low they sit on the ground. Dr. Jackie Craven has over 20 years of experience writing about architecture and the arts. When considering what is a bungalow, the same features that make onew appealing, like its low, one-story profile, are the same ones that some homeowners might not be comfortable with. These small houses have the simplicity and practicality of an American Bungalow and the elegant symmetry and proportion (not to mention the Greek-type columns) found on much larger Greek Revival style homes. Want a one-story layout that gives you an open floor plan? The origin of the bungalow has its roots in the Indian province of Bengal.

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Photo © Silverstone1 via Wikimedia Commons, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 and Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. The master suite is located at the front of the home, while a second bedroom (with a bath) resides at the rear of the floor plan and could be used as a home office or guest suite. There are no vertical bungalows even though in a few cities such as Sacramento, Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, the basically horizontal house type is raised on high foundations. Not all bungalows are rustic and informal! Oftmals wird der Begriff im Zusammenhang mit Ferienhäusern und Sommerhäusern gebraucht. Their smaller size makes them ideal for couples, singles, and those who want to downsize their lives; however, this is also what diminished their popularity when larger homes came into vogue. Bungalows also tend to have smaller and fewer rooms extending off a larger living room, as opposed to large bedrooms or an open floor plan. To their builders and owners, bungalows meant living close to nature, but also with true style. Good enough, except that since the period when most bungalows were constructed – roughly 1880 to 1930 in the United States – literally every type of house has at one time been called a bungalow.

The 1950s home has been fully renovated and decorated with bright turquoise accents. Ausgehend von den USA, in denen Bungalows in Holzrahmenbauweise seit jeher zu den am weitesten verbreiteten Hausformen gehören, wurden auch hier oft luxuriös ausgestattete Bungalows zu einer beliebten Hausform, gern auch als Winkelbungalow mit Flach- oder Walmdach. Check out the private master suite and its large walk-in closet. The California bungalow is one to one-and-a-half stories and features a large porch, sloping roof, and Spanish-inspired details. It provided fulfillment of the American dream. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage, but it is not uncommon to see very large bungalows. Explore the modern details in this home design. Communities with Dutch immigrants may build bungalow with gambrel roofs. According to Antique Home, low-pitched roofs are characteristic of a bungalow and they can be gabled or hipped. While their popularity might make them easy to sell, the other side of the equation is that they might be hard to find. This 1921 bungalow in Houston, Texas was renovated to feature some of the in-demand Craftsman details on the front facade such as the columns and knee braces. The term often refers to condominiums.

To their builders and owners, bungalows meant living close to nature, but also with true style. The American bungalow style was one of the most popular residential architectural styles of the 20th century and continues to be in demand. Fiberglass columns may hold up that heavy shingled roof, but, of course, they are not historically accurate for homes built in the early 20th century.

There are also some bungalows that branch away from the original definition by adding additional levels such as lofts and half levels. March 26th: Our Spring Issue 99 will be shipping soon. Yet the bungalow did not lose its identification with the rural idyll and a better, golden day. But what is a bungalow anyway? Ein Bungalow (englisch/angloindisch bungalow von Gujarati: બંગલો, baṅglo bzw. On its own plot of land, with a garden, however small, and a car parked out front, a bungalow provided privacy and independence. If you want to make sure a home will sell when it’s time to move, a bungalow is a great choice. Ein Beispiel hierfür ist der 1963 vom Architekten Sep Ruf entworfene Kanzlerbungalow in Bonn, der den Bundeskanzlern von 1964 bis 1999 als Wohnung und für Staatsempfänge in privater Umgebung zur Verfügung stand und seit 2001 unter Denkmalschutz steht. What is a Non-Owner Occupied Piece of Real Estate? The bungalow provided relief to residents of virtually all income levels in a rapidly expanding city by offering the potential for homeownership coupled with modern amenities, previously unheard of for the masses, and the opportunity for a less stressful urban life.

In hot housing markets, homes for sale are often at the center of bidding wars with prices going far above the asking price. We’ve already mentioned that these houses are typically one or one-and-a-half stories high.

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