why are birds scared of laser pointers

A few pointers (nice pun!) it just unsettles them as it approaches them and they don’t like it, so they move away from an area. The laser either comes in red or green and has been used to scare and repel pest bird species including: Pigeons, Gulls, Starling and Canada Geese. Epic Laughs Recommended for you. Cat afraid of the laser pointer. When using a laser to disburse birds, use a zig-zag movement along the ground or along a ledge towards the birds. If given an option, use a wide beam rather than a pinhead version. At first Otis was fine, and he was chasing it along with mirabelle- but then he got freaked out and went into the bed room. The laser beam does not harm them (no they don’t explode Star Wars style!) 1:24. The laser would then need to be used continuously until darkness fell to ensure that the birds did not return to their roost. Most dogs can't stop themselves from chasing beams from laser pointers, but the intangible nature of the beam can leave them unfulfilled. Joined Nov 14, 2005 Messages 67 Reaction score 1 Location Upstate NY . Whether they are chasing balls, birds or a Frisbee, chasing games are extremely stimulating and good exercise for your dog. You ever tried point a low powered laser pointer (even 1mw) near a pigeon or other birds? Use the laser in short bursts rather than a continuous stream. when using lasers: NEVER point at or near an aircraft, vehicle, or a person’s head. - Duration: 1:24. varsity90 527 views. (i really hope you didnt and never do, directly, with high powered lasers, to this poor animals) Well, this just scare the s**t out of them, and they take flight immediately..i mean, you just point the cheap laser on their side, and ALL THE GROUP takes off immediately..leaving the area as fast as they can. For use with non-nocturnal species of birds a laser would have to be used at dusk to ensure that when the birds were scared from their overnight roosts there was sufficient light for them to fly away. Young Cat. 4:06 . Laser pointers are bad for the psychological wellbeing of your dog; Most dogs love to chase. Cats VS Laser Pointers (HD) [Epic Laughs] - Duration: 4:06. Duck chasing a laser pointer! Thread starter faganfamily1; Start Date Mar 1, 2008; Mar 1, 2008 #1 F. faganfamily1 TCS Member Thread starter. I know several peeps who's pets loved chasing the red dot of a laser pointer.

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