Virtual Fax – Fax via Email

Sending a Fax with your email Client

Note: To send faxes via email, your email address must be listed as an authorized email address in the management portal.  Only email sent from an authorized email address will work.  If you have not done this yet see Article on Account Management

Start a new email using your regular email program such as Microsoft Outlook.

Attach any pictures or documents that you want to be faxed. Supported attachment formats include PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, JPG and Tiff.

The addressing must follow this format so the system can identify and properly route your fax:



The number your are sending the fax to followed by




Your fax number that this will show as being sent from.

<Your Fax DID number; 10 digits only>



If you have the cover sheet option enabled, anything in the body of your email will be included as a cover page.  The body of your email is not required and may simply be blank.