What’s in a Firewall?

Quite simply, a firewall is a hardware device or software solution that “walls off” traffic from coming in or going out of your network.  Modern editions of Microsoft Windows, antivirus software and most internet modems and routers include a firewall.  Does that mean your network is safe?  Not really.

Threat Management and Protection

What you need is something that protects your entire network not just one particular computer.  What you really want is a UTM or Unified Threat Management.  UTM does much more than a basic firewall, it also performs intrusion prevention, advanced threat protection, antivirus scanning, remote access and VPN capabilities, load balancing, bandwidth throttling, web and application filtering, data loss prevention, and even spam filtering in email.

Does Your Company Need This Level of Protection?

Ask yourself do you have control over every web site your team is accessing? Do you know for sure where they’re going and can you be 100% sure that they aren’t visiting web sites with malicious code?  A UTM solution will help keep your networks and data safe and protected.