A lot of work is done on networked computers, but offices still need phones for day-to-day communications.  We use modern voice over internet services (VoIP) do things never possible in the past, and usually for half the price you are paying now.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of our phone systems:

Easier to Install, Configure, and Maintain

It is simple to add new users, and a convenient web portal makes it easy to move, add, or change the system’s configuration.

Scales Up or Down Easily

With Peerless hosted phone services, you can add a line as soon as you add a new employee, and when an employee leaves, you can easily reassign or remove the line. You always have the right number of phone lines for your needs.

Employees’ Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go

Are you rearranging or expanding your office space?  Just move the phone, no wires to switch-over.  Out of the office? Calls can be diverted to remote sites or cell phones anywhere in the world .

A Range of Call Features Are Supported

All of the traditional call system features you expect are available, including call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus.

Saves you Money

Saving money is one of the most important features. Not only is setup easy and less expensive, but calls themselves cost significantly less.  Most customers cut their phone costs by about half.