911 Calls using VOIP

Traditional 911 dialing always used a landline that was tied to one physical address, however when using Voice Over IP (VOIP) there is no physical connection between your service and your physical address; indeed you may have multiple locations all using the same trunk and sharing the same outgoing caller ID. This can create difficulties, for instance, if you were working offsite and you were to dial 911 for an emergency, the call may go to the wrong call center, or the dispatcher may send the first responders to a completely wrong address.

While this can be overcome, 911 service requires significant additional configuration, validation and maintenance of your system. Federal and local governments are now charging a monthly fee for every 911 number registered, then adding taxes and more fees on top of that, plus if you have a 911 emergency, and any of the information is incorrect in any way, they are enforcing penalties (currently $85 per instance).

Since most everyone has a cell phone that provides accurate GPS information in the case of an emergency, 911 service on a business phone system is not usually necessary. Our goal with our VOIP service has been to keep it easy, flexible, and inexpensive. 911 service, as the government has implemented it, is counter to all those goals. With this in mind we have made the decision that by default we will not support 911 calls, unless specifically requested.

If you need 911 service we will be happy to help but you need to understand and agree to the limitations, ongoing costs, and assume responsibility if it is not used correctly. Please download and complete the Peerless 911 Disclosure and Acknowledgment.

Download: 911 Disclosure and Acknowledgment