Remote Phone Setup – Yealink

When adding a new phone or replacing an existing phone. it must first be setup on your phone server so as to recognize the device.  Before proceeding verify with your system administrator the dns name of your phone server and that the MAC address of the device has been configured on the server.

The MAC address can be found on the box, on a label on the bottom of the device or via the system menu.  The MAC address is a string of 12-digits and characters, sometimes separated by colons or dashes.  For example 00:15:65:AD:6E:BD, 00-15-65-AD-6E-BD, and 001565AD6EBD are all valid ways to express the same MAC address.

  1. You will need a computer connected to the same network router or switch as your new phone, or using the port labeled PC on the back of the phone.
  2. be sure the port labeled Internet on your phone is connected to your network router or switch.
  3. Power on your device and allow it to boot.
    1. If this device was previously configured for another user or system we suggest it be reset.
      1. To reset – Press and hold the OK button until the reset menu appears, and then press the OK softkey to reset to factory defaults.
  4. Once the device has finished the startup process, press the Menu button, then press enter or OK
    1. Note the IP address of your device.
  5. Go to your computer and open a web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.
  6. In the address bar of your browser enter the IP address
    1. This should present a login page, if it does not be sure that you are typing in the address box, not a search box.
    2. If you still do not have a login page, try entering http:// and then the IP address.  i.e.
  7. Login to the phone with the default username and password.
    1. Yealink username = admin  password = admin or 123456
  8. Click the Settings tab on the top, then click Auto Provision on the left side list.
  9. In the Server URL box enter http:// and then the dns name of your phone server and then :84
    1. i.e.
  10. Click Confirm and then click Auto Provision Now

Your device should now pull its configuration from the server, reboot, and be ready for use in a few minutes.