Virtual Fax – Account Management

Manage your Faxes and Settings:

Go to: and enter your assigned username and password

Once logged in you can view a history of your received faxes, send faxes directly from the web, add or remove email addresses, and update your password.

To add or remove Authorized Email addresses that can use the email to fax features, click Fax From Emails from the list on the right.

See Article Fax via Email

Desktop Client

Download the desktop client using this link:

Login using your assigned username and password.

At login you will see a list of all of your faxes on the system.

To send a fax click file > send fax and enter the destination and files.

New faxes are always available in the web portal or desktop client;  you can also receive a copy of your faxes and any notifications by adding an email address to your fax numbers.  In the web management portal, click the Fax Numbers link on the right and click Emails from the Action menu.

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